2 thoughts on “Friday Night Galactica Vid

  1. abc news has just the bit with obama up online but before i saw that i discovered over at cspan the full 1hr53min video of a 2005 roast of rahm emanuel.
    paul begala acted as mc, speakers were:
    chris dodd
    barack obama
    william safire
    tom cole
    hillary clinton
    william daley
    rahm emanuel
    david axelrod
    it is a remarkable bit of film. it’s like watching home movies.
    unfortunately cspan doesn’t have a permalink for it but just has it in the “recent programs” bin. it’s titled “roast of rep. rahm emanuel (D-IL) (september 20, 2005)”
    the first 15 minutes are a presentation and short documentary about epilepsy and the org hosting the roast.

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