4 thoughts on “72 Days

  1. When my mom died in 1999, and we were going through her stuff, cleaning out drawers and closets etc. I came across an invitation to JFK’s inaugural. My aunt was a legislative and executive assistant to a series of congressmen, so doubtless it came through her. And the invitation went unused, because with five kids ages 10 to 4 years old, there was no way a trip to Washington could be afforded, either in time or money.
    But I just love the idea that my aunt went to the trouble of getting her the invite, and that mom saved it all those years.

  2. Are you going to try to go? I really want to, but my rep and both of my senators are assholes.
    I’m not hopeful that I’m going to be able to get tickets.

  3. My senators might swing some, but my rep is the excretable Dave ‘Deputy Dawg’ Reichert, the suckwad that came out ahead of Darcy Burner.
    I would love some for keepsakes since there isn’t a chance in Dante’s Inferno that I’ll make the trip. I’ll have to settle on watching the festivities on the TeeVee.
    What becomes of W? He’s getting rid of his Crawford tumbleweed ranch. (Hope he finds a nice home for all those tumbleweeds) Perhaps we’ll see him on QVC hawking imitation Chinese-made replicas of great moments of his mind… oops, administration. Susan Lucci will co-host.

  4. I love that the theme for the upcoming inaugural festivities is “A New Birth of Freedom,” celebrating the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.
    2009 Inaugural: Chock Full o’ Symbolism!

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