3 thoughts on “Monday Morning BEEEYOTCH Update

  1. Marilyn, your sole purpose in life, to make Bill Sali look just a little less insane so the people of Idaho could say “see, at least he isn’t THAT bad” is no longer there – Bill done got his ass kicked out, just like you. Bill had the grace to at least leave Minnick a VM saying, “uh dude, I guess you won”; you should follow his lead. Cuz you just can’t create your own reality this time around, whackjob.
    I swear, they’re gonna have to call in security to pry her bony ass out of the seat.

  2. Uh, Marilyn, you might want to make that call before somebody drops a house on you.
    Ding, dong, the bitch is dead…
    Luckily for all, Betsy Markey is a class act. I’m sooooo glad to have her as my congresscritter!

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