A Break From Warm & Fuzzy

It’s hard out here for a Republican:

Fuck ‘em. They helped to prop up this gang of morons and criminals, and I don’t care how sorry they feel. They weren’t sorry enough to vote against the GOP in 2004. They weren’t sorry enough to call for Bush’s impeachment. They weren’t sorry enough to call out the media for its continued bullshit stories on made-up conflicts and obfuscations. All their apologizing doesn’t begin to heal the thousands of injured soldiers who were treated like shit by the VA. It doesn’t rebuild New Orleans. It doesn’t jump-start the economy. And it doesn’t begin to make up for the years of being made to feel we were traitors to our country for caring that the Criminal In Chief wanted to start a war based on a pack of lies.

In the meantime, they can get off the cross. A hard winter’s coming and we need the wood.

Because, honestly. I know what a crushing blow losing an election is and I’m sorry they’re upset, ordinary people who supported McCain, especially those who still thought they were supporting McCain 2000 instead of this new version with Ignorant Asshole Attachment, but semi-professional wingnut welfare types moaning about how liberals are gloaty and mean can bite me.

They had eight years of everything they wanted. Eight years of being able to wave their GOP pom-poms and their liberal hunting licenses and stuff around, and mocking anybody slightly to the left of them, which is their true interest anyway. Eight years is a lot longer than many of us get to have what we’ve always wanted. Take a breath. Damn.


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  1. …and mocking anybody slightly to the left of them, which is their true interest anyway.
    And generally it has been so since they were in grade school. Except then it was anyone slightly to the geek of them.

  2. Just Drop It. Be Like Jews
    Should we challenge the losing Republicans? No. What should we do?
    Just drop it.
    The game is over.
    They lost, we won.
    And focusing on the people who supported them won’t get us anywhere. We should really focus only on the future. Isn’t one of our biggest groups called MoveOn?
    I thing we should really be acting like the Jews after World War II. The guy who lost was punished (he killed himself because he felt so bad about what he did). The Americans and Jews then forgave the people who supported him, especially those who were just following orders. They understood that the people who created the programs weren’t really responsible nor were the people who were just following orders. There was really only one person responsible and he was now out of power. He had an accountability moment. What more is there to do? Clearly his ideas and his policies were repudiated after he left office in a bunker.
    The Jews decided that it was more important to move on with their lives than to try and bring to justice the people who made life miserable for others. What good can come from remembering the bad stuff? I think “Always Forget” was even their motto after the war. Let their acts and world view slink away.
    I believe the famous saying applies here: “Those who cannot remember the past will never repeat it”

    Remember Bush Cheney and his team were NEVER directly responsible for anyone being tortured or killed. Bush never had a gun in his hand with a trigger to pull. No water was poured from Cheney’s hand into the mouth of a prisoner strapped to a board down. Rumsfeld never held the club in his hand that beat to death an enemy detainee. He never placed a glow stick up the rectum of an prisoner.
    All they did was move words around. Words on paper. Words on computer screens. Words from their mouths in meetings. They never did any actual physical acts, and as we have seen only the actual physical acts count.

    It there was one thing that they were good about it was following the law. If the law wasn’t what they wanted, they created the law that was needed so no laws were broken. They then held themselves to that standard, which is really what America has always been about.
    Remember, nobody is a villain when they are doing what they feel is right for the country. This isn’t like the movies where a short bald “Dr. Evil” laughs and holds the world ransom for 700 billion dollars.
    To attack them now, after we have won, isn’t helpful. Why?
    Because people learn from their mistakes when they are forgiven and then they stop doing them. They especially don’t think that being lenient is a bad thing, especially when it comes to their own “crime” which many don’t even see as a crime. We only need to look at Scooter Libby to see how communing his sentence made him a better citizen who surely won’t do something questionable again. His life is over in the public sphere. I don’t ever expect him to be out making money by being on TV, writing a book or bragging about his “crime” in speeches to supporters. He knows that would be wrong.
    History has shown that when you don’t punish people for making a mistake or breaking the law they never make that mistake again.They may know technically that they “got away with it”, but morally they realize that they were wrong and understand that the compassion shown comes with the suggestion, “Go and sin no more.”
    Learn From Nixon. Pardon people, it’s good for the Country
    Remember after Nixon? We chose to not go after a few people who broke the law. That was the right thing to do because we found out that when you forgive people for their law breaking they leave the public eye, they learn their lesson and never act like that again. I think that Rummy and Cheney are the best example of people who learned from the Nixon Administration the most. They are a prime example of why we shouldn’t follow up on people who have done bad things (especially when people did those things thinking they were doing what was right for the country.)Nixon was pardoned and that sent a clear message to Rummy and Cheney not to do what Nixon did. And they didn’t! Cheney and Rummy never taped themselves and they never ordered the break in of the Democratic headquarters. The pardon worked.
    Follow the Lead of the Christian Right. They Forgive and Love their Neighbors
    Since 80 some percent of the people call themselves Christian, we should all be more like the Christian Right who follow the words of Jesus and love their neighbors as they love themselves. The Christian Right has seen that it is better to forgive others their sins. I think that their following the lead of Jesus when he says to the people gathering around the woman that “he who is with out sin to cast the first stone”. Right Wing Christians are known for turning the other cheek about the violence committed toward them. I think it is important to emulate the Right wing Fundamental Christians who, during the lead up to this election, made it a point to never bear false witness about Obama. That is what I will most remember about their stance toward Obama. They never bought into untruths that were spread by that Catholic Sean Hannity. The Methodist Rush Limbaugh was especially good about never using the Lord’s name in vain, unlike that Catholic Sean Hannity who kept calling Obama the Messiah.
    What I especially liked about the Right Wing Christians is how they wanted to embrace Jesus’ message of the good Samaritan with their support of gays (who many realized were the Samaritans of their day (Samaritans were despised by some. Yet they took care of the man who was beaten up when others wouldn’t). The way they responded to people who wanted to take away the rights of gays, was truly Christ like. I really don’t think that I could be as Christ like as the Right Wing Christians when they went all out to protect the homosexual’s rights in the sight of the community. They, liked Jesus with Mary Magdalene, really responded to the perceptions of some people that gays were bad. They did like Jesus did when he hung out with the prostitute Mary and made her a part of his team. They accepted gays just like Jesus did.
    As so many Right Wing Christians tell me, “NOWHERE in the bible is the phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. And if there is one thing that the Right Wing Christians know it is their bible. They know that is not something Jesus ever said and I’m so grateful for their understanding of both the words and spirit of Jesus. Picking up phrases not from the Gospel (or anywhere in the bible) is something that they just won’t do. Phrases that can be used as a club are clearly out of bounds and I’m always heartened when I hear one Christian call others on this mistake.
    I think the other thing that I really like about the way that the Christians acted was the way that they embraced the Tax collectors just like Jesus did. You never heard from right wing Christians that taxes were a bad thing.
    I think that was really a beautiful thing. Understanding that collecting taxes was part of the whole “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” shows that they know that their reward is the love of God and their personal lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As I read in bible history

    Jesus never taught that there was anything inherently wrong with paying tribute to the Roman Government or collecting the tax. He was opposed to extortioners, but would fling open the door of repentance and salvation to them. He rejected none, not even the worst.
    He set a new precedent among the Jews by accepting and associating with the tax collectors. He ate with them (Mark 2:16), He offered salvation to them (Luke 19:9), and He even chose a tax collector (Matthew) as one of His twelve disciples (Matt 9:9).

    I think that the people will understand where I come from by looking at the actions of the people I’ve listed here. I can’t really expect to be better than them. I’m only half human.

  3. This reminds me of the Sorry Everybody site from 2004 when those of us that didn’t vote for Bush wanted to tell the rest of the world that we were sorry, we tried.
    I agree with you Athenae. Fuck ’em. Don’t try to make nice now after you supported that motherfucker in the White House. I’ll wait for the “Sorry Everybody, We Were Wrong, You Were Right” site. I expect it will be up in a couple of years. 🙂

  4. spocko, I was elbow deep in a fisking of your madness when it dawned on me.
    If you were a little less obvious in the Nixon section you could probably contribute that to RedState or one of those.

  5. mdh:
    Thanks for reading. I think I was inspired by Stephen Colbert’s The Word Section where the phrase on the screen is the opposite of what he is doing.
    I re-wrote parts of this and put some links to certain key phrases so people will get the Irony. So, for example, “Always Forget” is linked to a Holocaust site.
    The part that got me was how easy it was to make up the exact opposite of the truth and then run it.

  6. bravo spocko.
    though i must say, i read the first couple lines and was horrified! then i started reading the comments and went back up to actually read the whole post.
    let’s see how they behave before there is any discussion of being nice after january 20.

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