What: National Day of Protest – When: Saturday – Where: Everywhere

Yes, the election is over and yes, we are all so tired and yes, still a little in shock. And yes, we’ve got more to do.

This coming Saturday, November 15, has been declared aNational Day of Protest for the LGBTQ community and its allies, against Prop 8 and the other homophobic and anti-gay marriage initiatives that passed last week. A nationwide, coordinated protest willtake place at city halls in key locations in every state.
Click the image below to find protest times and locations inyour state.

What good will it do, you ask? The election’s over, the initiatives have already passed.True, and the anti-gay marriage movement, emboldened by its wins, is already setting its sights on New Jersey and New York and in the two states where same sex marriage remains legal, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Are you okay with that?

Yes, more than a protest is needed in the long run. However, a unified show of force of this size will remind the American public that this issue is not going away, will signal to the Coalition of H8 that the national LGBTQ community stands together in support of its family in California, Arizona, Florida and Arkansas, that our allies and families stand with us, and that we are never going tostop fighting for our equality, no matter what.

National Protest Against Prop 8

On the steps of your City Hall onNovember 15th at 10:30am PST /
1:30pm EST
, our community WILL take to the streets and speak out
against Proposition 8 and all of the other pro-equality losses that we
have faced in our lifetimes, in our parents’ lifetimes, and for many
generations before us.

Join the Impact also has badges and other resources available so you can publicize the National Protest Against Prop 8 on your site, via email, or distributing your own flyers.