17 thoughts on “I’ll Trade You Erectile Dysfunction For Uncontrollable Bleeding Any Day

  1. So, some old geezer wanting wood way past him prime-so he can have sex- is a medical condition.
    A woman of child-bearing age NOT wanting fertility- while she’s having sex- is a lifestyle choice…

  2. Someone told me many years ago: “A man’s brain is not in his head, but between his legs…That is one comment that has never changed!!!!!

  3. Two words:
    fibroid tumors.
    And if Allah is merciful, he will give Cafferty them a uterus full of them, so he might finally develop compassion for women whose hormones put them at risk for illness and death. Anemia’s not a joke, idiot.

  4. I think that a lobbyist for one of the major drug makers who makes birth control should have an educational meeting on this topic with Cafferty. Why should WE do all the educating when they have all the money and the highly paid experts. The drug companies make a lot of money of birth control.
    Follow their need for money.

  5. This is just so obnoxious, I can’t see straight. Stupid motherfuckers. Didn’t O’Lielly say this, too?

  6. Tell that to my best friend Karen’s husband and daughter. Karen died in childbirth 4 years ago. I guess pregnancy was just a poor lifestyle choice on her part.
    Or how about diabetic women? Women with kidney disease? Chronic depression? Would you agree that birth control is a medical necessity for them?
    So he’s saying that the decision to have sex is a lifestyle choice for women, but for men it’s a medical necessity?
    These assholes and their double standards. Unfuckingbelievable.

  7. My daughter has to take them and puts off her periods for 4 months at a time and she doesn’t have sex since her BF is hundreds of miles away. She cannot function and would dearly love to have all her plumbing yanked out so she can lead a normal life (but no doc will do that for a 19 year old). BC saved her life, literally.
    Lately I’ve been reading how the HHS wants to reclassify birth control pills as abortions. Maybe this crap from Cafferty and McCain ties into that as a “message” the the “pro life” crowd.

  8. now which the fuck is it, wingers? if a woman’s reproductive issues are just ‘lifestyle choices’ then why in the name of hell on earth must you regulate them all as if your small, miserable lives depended on it.
    and your famous bumpersticker is now screwed: it’s not a choice, it’s a child…no wait, it’s just a lifestyle choice after all…that’s even lower than a regular choice…

  9. You will take away my hormonal birth control when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands, which will happen shortly after you pry my cold, dead, enraged teeth from your bleeding throat.

  10. i would have liked to have jack cafferty with me to wipe off the bus seat the day my period was suddenly so unusually heavy that i bled through and around the tampon and all my clothes and when i stood up and looked down the seat looked like a crime scene.
    when i subsequently went to see a doctor (paid for by insurance) i was not prescribed birth control pills. in fact, the doctor did nothing to either explain the change or investigate it but instead suggested that i have the endometria scrapped out, having (according to him) the brilliant advantage of no bleeding any more at all (well, maybe a little).
    a significant hazard of that procedure is the not insigificant potential for puncturing the wall of the uterus and then the intestine, resulting in (according to the doctor) need for a colostomy bag permanently thereafter.
    needless to say, i declined to take him up on his offer to COSMETICALLY address my complaint (which would have been covered by insurance, of course — according to the doctor this is a popular procedure in “hollywood”) and instead just dealt with the massive flow for four or five years after which point it returned to its previous volume.
    anyway, cafferty, and any person who stands in his camp, is a putz.
    if medication was covered by insurance based on what disease or condition it was prescribed for, there would be a far greater number of uninsured prescriptions, because there are a very large number of drugs intended for one purpose but used for another. exactly like birth control pills. and i defy anyone to point out on the prescription forms which doctors write out the spot where the doctor indicates the diagnosis which justifies the prescription.

  11. “So, some old geezer wanting wood way past him prime-so he can have sex- is a medical condition.”
    virgotex, you don’t know the HALF of it!
    this isn’t just “old geezers,” men in their 20s, 30s and 40s are taking this stuff. men are annoying enough with their trouser toy, the proliferation of use of this woodie-enhancer has made the lives of women all over just that much more difficult.

  12. Then of course, assuming you can get a prescription for birth control, you have to find a pharmacist willing to fill it, because you know it might be against his religious beliefs. Do you feel like you’re in some kind of bizarre video game?

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