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  1. I just never understood the “Am I right or am I right?” school of talk radio, on either end of the spectrum. If all you’re doing is reinforcing your own beliefs, what’s the point? It’s like talking to (or listening to, actually) a relative who can’t get past a divorce or bad kid or something. Why would you want to hear, for 2+ hours a day, how bad someone or something is? Especially when evidence to the contrary is consistently ignored. It’s not like you’re learning something or doing something constructive to solve the “problem” you’re griping about. People like Charlie Sykes make me understand how brilliant Stephen Colbert really is.

  2. Sue: As someone who has fought RW talk radio I understand the power of it.
    Their is power in “preaching to the choir” because it unifies them and gives them the rhetorical tools to “defeat” others who don’t want to argue with people.
    It also makes them feel that they are part of a club. “Those damn liberals are pickin’ on us!” And the more that they feel that they aren’t succeeding because of some liberal that they can hate the less it becomes about their own failings. Also, if you are mad at the liberals then you won’t be going after the people who are really destroying you economically. The conservatives who chase cheap capital around the globe.
    One thing that the author mentioned that I found interesting. “Their friendly toleration of talk radio merely gave the hosts more credibility. Yet an attitude of intolerance was probably worse: It made the liberals look hypocritical, giving ammunition to talk show hosts who used it with great skill.”
    This is a classic, “can’t win for losing”, argument. “It’s really the fault of the LIBERALS that these terrible people were allowed to succeed. They just weren’t smart enough to defeat a guy with 50,000 watts and a microphone who controls the callers and the topic.”
    This guy contributed to the disgusting “tone” of our debate for DECADES and now he is trying to get into the good graces of the left. “Hey, I did the best I could, really!?”
    My friend Rich said, “These people are supporting and profiting off of some of the most vicious rhetoric imaginable. Nobody forced them to say what they said, nobody forced them to work there.”
    I’m glad this guy wrote the article, but he was an enabler for decades and his mea culpa is a little too little a little too late.
    Finally one thing that they didn’t mention about the audience. A certain group of people who are NOT conservative listen to the show for entertainment. “I can’t believe he just said that! HA!” And they also use it as caffeine. It gets them angry and pumped up. That is fine with the show and it is something that the liberal who is listening for the “caffeine dose of anger” wants. Everyone is happy, right? Well the problem is that because of this the left spends a lot of time in defensive mode on the issues that RW radio is pushing. It would be better to put THEM on the defensive on what WE want to talk about to get THEIR audience angry.
    I really liked reading this article though, I try and learn as much about RW radio as I can so I can anticipate their response to certain actions.
    So for example, I know that they are screaming about the fairness doctrine because that is something that we aren’t putting at the top of our agenda, but they WANT it to be at the top so that they can get LIBERALS to defend them. The Platitude First Amendment people who don’t understand the difference between corporate sponsored talk radio over the broadcast airwaves, and the government limiting speech.
    Since some people still don’t know the difference I went to the advertisers and let them know. I also was sure to say, “Hey, if you want to stick with these people, fine, but they will attack you and taint your brand, so just be prepared.”
    One thing that we need to understand is that popular (ratings) often times leads to $$$, but not all popular things are profitable and not all corporate sponsors want to associate with disgusting things, no matter how popular.
    I want people who are decent human beings at the advertisers decide that they don’t want to be associated with violent rhetoric on the radio. This will not only make the radio less financially viable it will also lead some hosts into moderating themselves. If they don’t, they will “over reach” and then they will finally lose some more advertisers.
    This is a kind of ju-jitsu, but I want to make sure that MORE people hear this horrible talk radio and the people I want to hear are the people paying for it. Many of them are good people and they just have no idea of the kind of violence and hate they are paying for. Some of them will quietly slip away and I want to give them every opportunity to do that.

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