At least 4 Taco Bells left untouched since Katrina


I’ll never eat at Taco BellToxic Hell again.

Many local
mom and pop shops don’t have the funds to reopen and their places
remain abandoned. But most of the national chains that do business in
the city of New Orleans and in other devastated areas have either
gutted, demolished or reopened their stores.

With one notable exception: At least four Taco Bell restaurants in New
Orleans East and St. Bernard remain much as they were when Katrina hit
– laying wide open with rotted food, broken glass and piles of garbage.

Taco shells still lay on the
counters, mostly turning a moldy blue. Cob webs cover the soda
machines, packets of hot sauce are strewn on the ground and some food
remained in the deep fryers. What was inside the stores either floated
or was dragged outside, and the smell is hard to take.


Tuesday they [Taco Bell]
issued a statement to Eyewitness News saying they were looking into the
issue, but that they were only reopening restaurants that made business

What they forgot they had restaurants destroyed by Katrina? I wonder if they forgot to collect the insurance? 

Taco Bell not…”Good To Go”…til they clean it up.


(Caption:Garbage is strewn inside of a Taco Bell that has gone untouched since Hurricane Katrina struck over 18 months ago. Bob Parkinson / WWL-TV)

5 thoughts on “At least 4 Taco Bells left untouched since Katrina

  1. Just like they didn’t know about the rats in the KFC NYC store.
    Sure. They don’t check up on ANY of their stores…
    And Taco Barf and KfuckingC are the same company.
    This alone should give anyone pause to eat at either of these places.
    The one in our town, a combo thing, is known for a vastly faster turn over rate of teen aged employees, some of whom have done unspeakable things to the chow in those places.
    I wouldn’t touch a taco or wing from either of those places with a 10 foot pole.

  2. Most of the Taco Bell stores are franchises, so it might actually be possible that the main company didn’t realize those stores were abandoned.
    Seems like you’d check up on your franchise owners, though, after something as bad as Katrina.

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