Quitting Time Booster Shot

Saw this earlier in the week and wanted to scream a lot. OK, there are students out there who don’t do work. I get that. There are also professors out there who really suck at their job. I get that. But one in FOUR kids end up not doing the stuff they’re supposed to and still get A’s? The A grade used to stand for outstanding or excellent. Now it’s like Halloween candy: show up and ask for it and you get it. I’m really starting to rethink my chosen profession…

– Was driving to work when the DJs started riffing about “The Shining” for reasons past my understanding. If you’re a Shining fan and haven’tseen this, you’re missing out.

Long-time Cleveland Indians broadcaster Herb Score died this week. Score was a rookie pitching phenom, winning the AL Rookie of the Year award in 1955. He was on his way to greatness when he was struck in the eye by a line drive off the bat of Gil McDougald on May 7, 1957. He was never the same pitcher and ended up retiring in after bottoming out in Triple A ball following the 1963 season. For a generation of Cleveland fans, however, it was Herb’s voice they remembered, not his on-field trials. Herb was unpretentious, like that uncle you love even though he’s goofy. He would often screw up names or cities or plays, but given all the bad baseball he watched over the years, we always forgave him. In 1997, his final season, the Indians reached the World Series, only to be brought down by a grab bag of renegades and mercenaries that made up the Florida Marlins that year. In their Game 7 failure, Score treated it like every other game. He wasn’t a homer, a whiner or a know-it-all. He was just Herb. He might have been the last of his kind, but I sure hope not. Thanks, Herb, for making the game fun…

– On the way back from a recent trip, I filled up when the “low fuel” light went on in my car. I paid less than $20 for the first time since I can remember.Of course, this can’t last…

– From the“Are we learning yet?” department: I guess the government’s thought here was, “Hey, this is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT hurricane… No WAY we see the same problems we did last time.”

– One of the perils of being a parent is the stuff your kids tend to watch. My kid has started to like Yo Gabba Gabba, which is making my brain bleed.Look at this picture and answer two questions: First, doesn’t the host guy’s outfit and such completely look like aDigital Underground rip off? Second, with all the flap we got several years ago fromJerry Falwell about the “gay” Teletubbywhy hasn’t someone come out protesting how Muno the Cyclops looks likea studded dildo?

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you next Friday.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. You should not be surprised at reports like the one you cited, College students ‘get away with’ poor preparation.
    The collapse of the K-12 system is now old history. Decades old.
    I was a teaching assistant, then an Assistant Professor of mathematics in the mid 1970s though 1989. I was one of the people who kept trying to hold the dam.
    But in the mid-1980s, student evaluations became inputs for the promotion and tenure process, at precisely the same time that undergrads had the ground cut away beneath them by the failure of the K-12 system to prepare them for what was coming.
    The results of this can be easily deduced by anybody who thinks in terms of selection processes. Hint: if your system selects for “easy” professors, then guess what? That’s what it’s going to get.
    It’s all one with me at this point. I have no children, so I have no hostages to fortune. If America wants it’s kids to be pig-ignorant – and it DOES – then that’s what is going to happen.

  2. my unc-in-law was a Ph.d sociologist. one thanksgiving i read thru some of his graded papers. i thought he was a high grader. i don’t care if it was sociology 101. most of the C papers were at best C- to me. but then, twas Tenn.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about Herb Score. I was so sorry he never got to call a winning world series game. I’ve been reading this blog for a while but never noted a Cleveland, Oh connection before. what’s the Cleveland connection here?

  4. Thanks doc. You should have included a couple of his amusing calls too. My favorite: “It could be fair! It could be foul! It is!”

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