Thank You Howard


The 50-State Strategy.

It seemed obvious at the time, didn’t it? That if we wanted to win and win big, we had to compete is more than a handful of states? That if we wanted to get a Democractic agenda accomplished we would need Democrats not just in traditionally Democratic areas but everywhere? That if we were to truly reflect the desires of America as people truly believed, we would have to represent our viewpoints everywhere? It seemed obvious. To me, to you, to all the other DFH’s on the blogs and on the streets. Not so much to the cocktail-party set.

Democratic voters in Alabama and Arkansas deserve to hear from Democratic candidates, even if their states don’t vote for Democratic presidents. For that matter, Republican votes in Illinois deserve to hear from Republican candidates, even if this state’s so blue it’s almost black. We owe ourselves the argument, everywhere, all the time. How else do we learn? How else do we grow? How else do we get better as a country? And we are better as a country than we were four years ago, for the simple reason that our voices, all our voices, are being heard loud and clear.

Say thanks.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Howard

  1. For someone who contributed so greatly to the current good health of the Democratic Party, he sure doesn’t seem to be getting the accolades from the Dem power brokers that he so richly deserves.
    So, from just a (joyful) face in the crowd, I truly want to say, “THANK YOU, DR. DEAN.”

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