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  1. What a friend of mine, who was a nurse and a native New Yorker, told me before I moved there: “Don’t forget to wash your hands. A lot.”

  2. Above all else, dignity.
    I can’t tell you how much shame and humiliation that line has saved me over the years.
    Another one I told my daughter:
    If you don’t want your grandfather to read it, do not write it down.

  3. I’ll never forget the best advice I ever received. Two words, from a therapist in Memphis, Tennessee:
    “Kindred Spirits”
    How quickly he cut to the core. IT ISN’T YOU, he was saying. There are others like you, and you should know them. He was right.

  4. From my father:
    “The best things in life come to he who hustles while he waits.”
    Dad never sat still well, which is how a man of limited education managed to do so much often with such few resources.

  5. My paternal grandfather told me, a couple of week before his death, to never vote for a general & to never vote for a republican.

  6. Never worry about what someone else thinks. Know what you think, and why.
    Know thyself, mind your own business, and always be kind.
    Works for me.
    Peace, V.

  7. “Go ahead and sit down across from me. If nobody tells you you shouldn’t have sat there, then you’re in.”
    –Joycelyn Elders, at a dinner my student group held for her many years back.

  8. “Ignorance is loud; wisdom is quiet.”
    — My Dad
    “Few things corrupt more completely than the petty power of higher education.”
    — Brad Bond

  9. “Remember these words when I am dead. Be sure you’re right and go ahead.”
    – My late father.
    As advice this is kind of nebulous, but he loved to repeat the phrase, right up until the day he went in for his final surgery.

  10. Never quit, never give up, never say never while you can still draw breath.
    From my grandfather, who limped through life after being crippled as a young boy in the children’s game of mumblety-peg.

  11. My Dad the smartest/wisest person I ever knew, told us 3 brothers how to be fathers. “It’s not quality time, it’s quantity time.” Thanks, Dad. I miss you.

  12. As a just about to graduate engineer, considering whether to go to work for NASA in Cleveland or in Palo Alto, my buddies all said: “Are you frigging out of your mind, you idiot??? Go to California!”

  13. Be yourself and never worry about what other people think about you.
    There is a lot of freedom to that, once you really embrace it.

  14. Said a couple of times on my blog and many, many times to religious school students (while they were standing on one foot, of course!):
    “What is hateful to you, don’t do unto your neighbor.
    “All the rest is commentary. Go and study.”
    -Rabbi Hillel

  15. “Never miss a good opportunity to shut up”. Might have been Twain, not sure. I always took it to mean to listen before you open your mouth.

  16. From my first boss at my first real post-college job:
    “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”
    That little gem has allowed me to keep work at work without bringing all those nagging little injustices home with me every day. It’s also freed me to do what’s best for me without feeling a sense of company loyalty that almost never flows from the top down. When friends ask advice about switching jobs, I remind them that their current company would drop them in a second if it benefited them; they should do what’s best for them in the same way.

  17. “don’t stop for a roadblock until they make you.” Needless to say, that was before the Iraq war. Plus, that person, a cousin, turned out to be a thief and a liar. What can I say? It remains the most memorable piece of advice I’ve been given.
    PS everyone else’s are great. I should print it out.

  18. Not given directly to me, but stuck on my fridge door for the last 20 years:
    “A little bit of somethin’ is better than a whole lot of nothin’. – Little Richard

  19. “The Lord loves a workin’ man; never trust whitey; see a doctor and get it taken care of”

  20. “The Lord loves a workin’ man; never trust whitey; see a doctor and get it taken care of”

  21. The Lord loves a workin’ man; never trust whitey; see a doctor and get it taken care of.”

  22. When you ask for something, be specific. That one’s from law school, and may be the best bit of wisdom I learned there.
    But my favorite is:Eat dessert for breakfast and you’ll never have to feel guilty about eating dessert. My husband still questions allowing our son L. to have cheesecake for breakfast when it’s in the house, but I figure it gets rid of the cheesecake faster, and L. and I aren’t adding many calories to our day by foregoing both a traditional breakfastand after-dinner dessert.

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