4 thoughts on “‘One: You Are A Fascist’

  1. They should have finished it with the line:
    “I’m mad” “as” “hell”
    “and I’m” “not going to” “take it” “anymore”.

  2. KO replayed the whole thing tonight (he musta kinda liked it) … he just laughed a bit as it ended and said its creators had too much free time.
    I think he was eating it up. That was a grand collection of ‘tude — and powerful points. I’m real glad the creators included him calling [who? Bush I think] a Liar.
    Murrow would be proud of him.

  3. It does remind me of a funny. One of my best friends says that all other drivers on the road are “sir” until proven to be female. She is also unfailingly polite in her road rage.
    Which led to my favorite on-road outburst: “FUCK, Sir!”

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