Homeland Security

Heckuva job, Joe:

Dubois, IN – The Indiana National Guard says two soldiers exposed to a deadly chemical in Iraq now have cancer. The Guard is trying to contact more than 600 soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 152nd Infantry who may have been exposed to sodium dichromate.

“The Battalion Cdr (commander) was diagnosed with cancer last summer and there is another soldier who came home on leave from this deployment who has been diagnosed with rectal cancer,” LTC Deedra Thombleson wrote in an email to Channel 13.

A third soldier, Sergeant First Class David Moore, died in 2008 from a mysterious illness after returning from Iraq.

Moore’s daughter, 10-year-old Rylee Weisheit, squeezes a teddy bear on the front porch of a home in Dubois, Indiana. The bear has a t-shirt with her dad’s picture. When she squeezes the arm, the voice of her father can be heard.

“Hi, my little sweetheart. I love you. Sleep tight and have sweet dreams. Daddy misses and loves you very much.”


Ed Blacke claims KBR knew sodium dichromate was at the plant.

“They knew about this in May,” says Blacke. “Everything seemed to be focused on we made a commitment, we’re going to get this done, we’re going to get it done in this time frame, hell or high water, we’re gonna get it done,” added Blacke. “They (KBR) just had an attitude – they were focused on that finish line and they didn’t care how they got there.”

I read that when Jules sent it to me, then I readthis:

The Senate is a collegial place, largely because any one Senator can go to great lengths to hold up virtually any piece of legislation and thus no Senator wants to get on the bad side of another Senator for want of not having their own bills obstructed. It is likely a result of this fundamental aspect of the chamber that just a small handful of Democratic Senators have gone on the record in opposing Lieberman’s bid to maintain control over the Senate’s oversight panel. But as the vote on his chairmanship will be secret, and thus Lieberman will not know for certain who voted against him, Lieberman’s ability to retaliate against individual Senators will be greatly curtailed.

Because, okay. I get it. We’re all nice friends here and it’s very warm and fuzzy. JOE LIEBERMAN HELPED BUSH DO THIS. And he wanted to help John McCain make it worse. Forget all the palace intrigue and coffeehouse crap. Forget all the Agincourt language about betrayal and loyalty and whatnot.

What Joe did that’s objectionable isn’t that he said mean things about Barack Obama (President Badass can take it, I think) or Hillary Clinton or anybody. What Joe did was to perpetuate a fraud against the American people that led to a lot of them gettingdead in increasingly horrific ways, and to this day, unlike many of his colleagues, he has yet to regret a second of it, and he’s shown himself willing to do just about anything to continue being wrong. Including act like a very public asshole. Or a wingnut blogger.

Forget the RNC and every Sunday show on which he stroked his junk and talked about how only he alone among Democrats was brave enough to stand up for the above. His monumental ego and his shaky sense of party loyalty isn’t my problem. Forget all that. Joe is as responsible as anyone who cozied up to Bush in 2003 for the horrors now coming home with our troops, and that’s the real issue here.


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  1. This thing, this Lieberman cave, right here, is going to take all the fragile hope Obama’s election inspired and crush it. The Prop H8 thing nicked it, but this is going to obliterate it. I’m gonna go back to watching football and not giving a damn because it just doesn’t make any difference.
    Because this is wrong, on so many levels, and I don’t want to hear any “post partisanship” bullshit about it. It’s all been said before, but I’m gonna repeat some of it.
    1. He isn’t a democrat. He ISN’T A DEMOCRAT. The voters of his party, in his state, rejected him – and instead of respecting the democratic aspect of that, and saying, ok, time to go to the cushy K Street job, he formed his own, narcissistic party of one, and courted Republican favor to get reeelected. That was a big fuck you to CT democrats, and he’s shown no signs of stopping it.
    2. He hasn’t done the job. HE HASN’T DONE THE JOB. As A points out, he’s been worthless in this position – the chair of this committee should have been competing with Waxman to see who could ferret out the shit faster – and instead, Waxman has been a lone voice in the wilderness. Short Ride isn’t interested in any damned oversight. Which brings me to
    3. He’s gonna figure out what a subpoena is and decide that the democrat in the White House needs to be responding to them – while he continues to cover for the last 8 years of criminality. He’ll hold hearings, all right, but they won’t be about any of the turgid crap we’ve been buried in for the last 8 years. I fully expect the first damn thing for him to address is the validity of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. There are real democrats in the Senate who could use that committee for good. I know he isn’t in line for it, but oh, what Sheldon Whitehouse could do in that position.
    4. Does anyone think, for one minute, that if McCain had won this thing Holy Joe wouldn’t be picking out the drapes for his new office with the republicans – either in the executive branch, or in the Senate Republican’s caucus? Holy Joe’s loyalty is to Holy Joe, and he would have swung to the winner regardless. There is nothing admirable, desirable or worthy in this behavior – and it certainly shouldn’t be rewarded.
    5. He campaigned, not just for his friend John McCain, which I could maybe find some way to rationalize away, since they are such good buddies – he campaigned in Senate races for the OTHER SIDE. Norm Coleman’s hair deserved Holy Joe’s loyalty in MN, so let Holy Joe hang with the hair’s friends (since the hair is getting retired) now.
    6. He PUBLICLY STATED that the Democrats having 60 was a horrible thing for the country. A horrible thing. Now, they think he’s gonna help them get that 60? Don’t trust the scorpion cuz it says it won’t sting you – it’s a scorpion, stinging is it’s nature. His support for the other side was in your face – now you’re going to reward him for it? He isn’t going to help you achieve anything, he’s going to hinder. Let him do his hindering from the minority side, where he wanted to be.
    7. You are sending a clear message to the minority party that you are total wimps who will roll over and beg to have your tummy scratched no matter what they do. The Republicans will have gotten the message, trust me, and they will obstruct at all points – and Holy Joe will help them.
    8. Holy Joe gambled on John McCain – that’s what he did. He rolled the dice on a McCain presidency, and he went all in. Now that his bet didn’t turn out the way he wanted, he wants everyone to pretend he didn’t take that risk. Too bad. He did. Let him now bear the consequences of rolling the dice on that – don’t reward him for it.
    Seriously, this is making me crazy. My contempt for that man is boundless, endless, eternal, and the fact that 60 stupid white old men can’t look him in the eye and say “unacceptable, get out” is making me despair for this country. They can’t do this one thing right – I’m supposed to believe they are going to work to make things better for the rest of us?
    I didn’t contribute money and time and energy to a dem win for this shit.

  2. If there is one thing, one thing at all, that I want to see come out of an Obama administration, it is a return to the principle of taking responsibility for your actions. Both on a personal and a national level.
    Lieberman did stuff, or failed to do stuff. Those actions or failures to act led to soldiers dying.
    Make the son of a bitch take responsibility.

  3. Ditto to the above on Lieberman. I might allow him back IF AND ONLY IF he makes some substantial sign of realizing his errors.
    RE: the soldiers – Sodium Dichromate is a Hexavalent form of Chromium and hexavalent chromium is a well known carcinogen. (And in fact, of all the suspected carcinogens, there are only a small number that have been shown to cause cancer in humans, earning a class A1 – confirmed human carcinogens). Not to mention that it is very reactive with other compounds (like human skin) – nasty stuff.
    So once their exposure was known, did the military begin surveillance for possible occurences of cancer?

  4. agent oil?
    lieberfuckenputz probably has a short leash. and a ‘D’ next to his name. and and and mcPOW i gonna need a friend in Jan.

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