2 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo

  1. A,
    I’m a Norris fan, of the “Walker” and “McQuade” variety. Chuck Norris came to Lackland while I was in tech school and put on a live demonstration. He was an astonishing athlete then. Thirty-some-odd years of further martial arts study have, I doubt not, increased his ability to astonish viewers (if not act). His political leanings (Mitt Romney? Really? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Airman Norris? [because, yeah, he was a USAF SP in Korea around the time I was born]) aside, there’s a lot to like about him. The “Chuck Norris facts” amuse me no end, because I substitute, depending on how snarky I’m feeling, either “Lt. Horatio Caine” or “David Caruso” in each one. Seems to fit so much better…
    Oh, and A?
    W reportedly called himself “President Badass,” back in the day. There’s got to be a better nickname for President Obama.

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