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  1. Got a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven right now. Just add pecan praline topping. That’s in addition to all the usual good stuff. The turkey in brining and the vegetables are being prepared for grilling, etc…

  2. Tofurkey! We are having my sister-in-law and her significant other over for Thanksgiving dinner, and we all decided to try tofurkey. Other than that it should be pretty standard fare, highlighted with a bottle of two buck chuck shiraz.

  3. turkee. mashed taters. rolls. stuffing. gravy. punkin pie. the usual. although i might do green chile pinon stuffing this year to shake things up.

  4. I am very jealous of Michael.
    Our son L., 10, made his first pumpkin cheesecake last night (with minor supervision), and this afternoon I’ll start on the wild rice-roast pumpkin salad, but other than that it’s all staples: bird, mashed taters, brown sugar carrots, gravy and stuffing.

  5. Pork tenderloin, potato puree, artichokes, some other green, chocolate-glazed pecan pie, and anything else we damned please.
    NO: turkey, dressing, cranberries, little marshmallows, obnoxious relatives or guests who don’t know when to leave.
    Just DH and me, and some good wine, and peace and love.
    Enjoy, everyone! This time, we have something real to be thankful for. All of us.
    Peace, V.

  6. Maple/bacon turkey, mashed pots, green beans with mushrooms, devilled eggs, hummus, fresh French bread, two different stuffings and an apple, and a pecan and pumpkin pies.
    Should be a decent sized crowd tomorrow, otherwise I am taking food to the Starlight to add to their feast.

  7. an as yet undecided upon potato dish- either rustic roasted with herbs-kind of thing or a gratin-like creation.
    Also broccolini or something else leafy green-cooked simply.
    Main course, which I’m not responsible for, is a tarragon citrus roasted chicken.

  8. Well, mom ordered a meal from a local cafeteria…I offered to make something and all she wants me to bring are a couple of cans of crescent rolls..!??!?! Fer cripes sake THEY gave ME a subscription to effing “Gourmet”…and I get tapped for “crescent rolls”??? She doesn’t even want me (I offered) to make an herbed butter or garlic butter…!?!?!?
    I might see what I can whip up this afternoon JUST TO SPITE her… that is AFTER I finish tweaking my (borrowed) bellydance costume for the Downtown Houston parade tomorrow… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can I come to Michael’s house – gumbo yeah!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the other FD’rs dinners sound PHENOM, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I just drive to each? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. standing rib roast…rare
    brussels sprouts
    garlic mashed potatoes
    pumpkin rolls
    caramel pumpkin pie
    whipped cream
    and mother’s homemade (to die for) egg nog, well spiked thank you, very much.
    and to all a happy thanksgiving

  10. Grandpa, What’s for dinner?
    Well kids, we have a 20 lb turkey in Scarborough brine, which will be slow roasted after getting its shots of herb garlic butter. Gonna start the bird at 4am. I shall stuff the bird with a hazelnut wheat bread dressing. Made the bread yesterday, today the croutons are baking. Then we go to the pantry where we will concoct a dish of Parmesan whipped potatoes, some buttery corn frozen fresh off the cob this fall and a bowl of cranberries with apple slices.
    For dessert, I hope my sister bakes her apple crumble, my brother does his berry supreme and Mom does the classic pumpkin.
    After dinner Dad puts on the ‘Sons of Katie Elder’ and passes out the Pepcid Complete.

  11. Delighted to say that this year I am being cooked for, not cooking. (To make up for that, last night I sauteed fresh shrimp and scallops in garlic, fresh-squeezed navel-orange pulp, white wine, butter and capers. And it were GOOD.) And since there are so many of us, we’re having dinner in a hotel dining room with a big-a** HDTV for football. I’m torn between skipping the Detroit game and making bets with my sibs on how many points Tennessee can put up.

  12. Roasted Turkey breast
    Oyster Dressing
    Shrimp stuffed mirlitons (chayote squash)
    Cauliflower & Broccoli w/ Hollandaise
    Mashed Potatoes & Turkey gravy
    Spinach salad
    Pecan Pie
    A Nice Chardonnay

  13. Smoking a ham.
    (difficult to keep lit, yanno)
    I get a spiral-cut and fan the cuts and drop in fresh (from back yard) rosemary, then baste in honey/butter mixture, put on smoker AFTER it’s really going, smoke for three hours at 160.
    Blackeye peas a la Tommy, potato salad, Caesar salad, rolls, and turtle pie for dessert.
    Elspeth, you’re welcome to drive up and join us.

  14. Our standard holiday fare of shrimp grits and gumbo.
    With sides of snarkiness, spats, stomping off in a huff, bawling in the kitchen and a drunk and hands-y bro-in-law. The usual whenever my large, loud, drama-ridden family gets together.

  15. I’m going to Canada where Thanksgiving is celebrated in October so I don’t have to deal with the thoughts of so many carcasses splayed out on tables across the United States. I’ll be having something vegan, of course!

  16. Green beans with almonds and onions sauteed in sage butter, and a mandarin orange salad with carmelized almonds.
    I’m also making cookies tonight–probably chocolate chips and maybe snickerdoodles.
    And Elspeth, you have my condolences. I can’t imagine not making SOMETHING for Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt and my mom have both been very good about delegating to the kids. It has made for some new traditions (the mandarin salad was my brother’s specialty, which I inherited when he missed the last several Thanksgivings after moving out of state), and for some really great one-offs (my cousin made this amazing sweet potato thing last year).
    I’ll also be taking along a new find–a local microbrewery did a winterfest ale brewed with spruce tips. I know, it sounds awful, but it is actually a spectacular beer. Complexity you don’t always find in a beer.
    As a hybrid family (1/2 south Texan, 1/2 elsewhere), we’ll have two kinds of stuffing–Yankee and cornbread. There’ll be a big turkee (and I get the carcass to make soup with) and more pies than you can shake a stick at.
    Best of all, my brother is here this year–the first time in something like six years. Yay!

  17. the mini marshmallows for the cranberry dish had issues. do wonder the bag felt soft. all melted together. glad i make my cranberry dish without em. just whipped cream for me please.

  18. the mini marshmallows for the cranberry dish had issues. do wonder the bag felt soft. all melted together. glad i make my cranberry dish without em. just whipped cream for me please.

  19. Already made:
    Apricot-Ginger Cranberry sauce
    Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
    Black Bottom Pecan Pie
    In Process:
    Traditional Pumpkin Pie (w/ chocolate layer)
    Sweet Potato Crumb
    Cornbread Stuffing (w/ pecan, water chestnuts and sausage)
    Making tomorrow:
    Da Boid
    Smashed Taters
    “Traditional” Stuffing
    That oughta fill ’em up ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Mom this year went with a lovely toikey dinner with all the trimmings for under $200: feeds eight. We brought a pecan pie from Lea’s in Lecompte, LA for dessert, even though Mom had already baked two pies. Good, good stuff.

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