A raging fire and explosions struck one of the hotels, the landmark
Taj Mahal, shortly after midnight. Screams could be heard and enormous
clouds of black smoke rose from the at the century-old edifice on
Mumbai’s waterfront. Firefighters were spraying water at the blaze, and
plucking people from windows and balconies with extension ladders.

The attackers specifically targeted Britons and Americans, witnesses said. Officials said at least 200 people were wounded.

The motive for the onslaught was not immediately clear, but Mumbai has frequently been targeted in terrorist attacks blamed onIslamic extremists, including a series of bombings in July 2007 that killed 187 people.

home secretary Bipin Shrimali said four suspects had been killed in two
incidents when they tried to flee in cars, and Roy said two more gunmen
were killed at theTaj Mahal. State Home Minister R.R. Patil said nine more were captured. They declined to provide any further details.

And look, this isn’t the time for snark, but shit like this makes me crazy:

An Indian media report said a previously unknown group calling itself the DeccanMujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attacks in e-mails to several media outlets. There was no way to verify the claim.

If there’s no way to verify that statement why is it here? And if it’s such a charged environment that you want to put out whatever information you get and verify later, why bother to use such a transparent ass-covering maneuver? It’s cheap. Make an editorial decision and stick to it, for fuck’s sakes, especially in a scenario where accurate info is important.

Maitri has more.


6 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. More unverified, non-fact checked assertions simply blathered onto the airwaves without any editorial interventions?
    My oh my. Thank you 24/7/365 non stop “news” networks!
    /sarcasm off

  2. Did they (the media) learn nothing from ETA and their non-involvement Madrid bombings? I’ll take this as “No.”

  3. The media learn something? Are you kidding?
    What bothers me is that in an event like this where facts will trickle out over days, weeks, months, and all they have at the moment are 2 sentences of facts, they cut to 24 hour continuous coverage and then fight to fill the dead space with repetitious verbage.
    In this case, a large number of people were either taken hostage or killed in Bombay. An unsubstntiated report is that ___ has taken credit.
    Oh, did I say that a large number of people were either…
    ad infinitum

  4. for those who may be as geographically impaired as i am, all references in these reports to the taj mahal refer to the hotel of that name and not the famous tomb which is located in agra, india.

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