25 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Having to hear people’s private, intimate conversations on their cell phones.
    Being accused of something I didn’t do. This has happened to me in a big way a couple of times.

  2. 1. Neighbors who party outside until 3:00 am on workdays.
    2. People who let their 2-year old kids use the self-check stations when there is a mile-long line.
    3. ‘Professional’ people who know less about their profession than I do.

  3. People who are behind you in lines; at the supermarket, airport security checkpoints, etc., who are standing right on top of you. As if, somehow, you’ll move faster or their bags will come out of the x-ray machine before yours does. My spouse or son has to run interference or else I go ballistic. Step off!

  4. People who wait until their whole order is done before even getting out their checkbooks.
    People who let their brats of any age run around a restaurant getting in the way of the wait staff and other patrons.
    Cell phone users anywhere in public.
    Trespassers on my farm, it can be dangerous and those dopes don’t know where the sink holes are when it is dark (they are marked clearly but some people hunt deer at night, illegally of course).

  5. People who don’t say “Please” and/or “Thank you.” The decline of common courtesy in general.
    Peace, V.

  6. Aggressive drivers who pass on the right on surface streets.
    Cell phone users in public places when the signal is poor. When they yell “Hello, hello,” I want to smash in their faces.
    People who walk around with their stupid bluetooth devices in their ears. Worse at restaurants.

  7. People in crowded places (stores, malls, streets) who wander aimlessly back and forth, blocking you as you try to pass, then stop and block the entire walkway.
    Loud cellphone talkers.
    Loud talkers on the bus when you’re trying to relax.

  8. Cell phone freaks.
    Taking off my shoes at an airline check in.
    I used to be annoyed when people would take out pics of their grandkids, but now that I have a grandson, I see that I was totally wrong on that. 😉

  9. darrow, oh, god, that drives me crazy too. I’m horrendously claustrophobic and that just trips my wires completely.

  10. People who are always convinced they are more important than the other people waiting for the same thing.
    People who are rude or overly demanding to wait staff in restaurants… followed closely by poor tippers.
    And I hate traffic. I really hate car traffic.

  11. I hate bullshit. Not entertaining bullshit, or idle pass-the-time bullshit, but the type of bullshit that considers you stupid and not likely to understand the honest answer.
    You know, Republican bullshit.

  12. 1. Drivers who don’t use turn signals.
    2. Bicyclists and pedestrians who walk and ride on the wrong side of the street; you cycle with traffic, and walk against it.
    3. Republicans.

  13. Smokers and places that reek of smoke, even though no one is smoking at that moment. My husband is sensitive to it, too. It spoiled a dinner we had long ago, when a restaurant we went to inside a casino that had only recently become nonsmoking still carried the smell of all those cigarettes smoked by years of gamblers doing their thing in the building.
    Such a damn drag when the place is Besh’s Steakhouse…

  14. getting a blog and finding out that posting lovely B&W photos from the library of congress takes up too much “space.”
    but i like to illustrate my point!

  15. 1. Crotch-sniffing dogs and their owners who think it’s “cute”. Hell, dogs; period.
    2. Willful ignorance.

  16. Stupidity.
    It’s a disease. You aren’t born with it, it’s a learned behavior. You have to want to be stupid. Lots of the peeves mentioned here are great examples of this. This plague is all over the damn place.
    At the grocery, a lady barrels over me to get to the onions, then pulls the produce kid away from his stacking of boxes to ask him in the most rude way possible “How much are these?” She was standing next to a 2×3 sign that said ‘Yellow Onions – 79¢/lb’. He politely pointed to the sign and told her. She then said “But what if I only want one?”
    I’m sitting at the coffee shop reading this blog. (Free wifi at Tully’s in Seattle) A couple (in their late 30’s, early 40’s) came in chattering like gibbons. They paused to look at the menu, commenting on which one is good or which one tastes like crap. They stood around for about 5 minutes then started getting testy. The woman made the comment that she’s had problems with barristas taking a long time to make drinks at this coffee shop before. Then the man goes over to the girl waiting at the counter and asks what’s taking so long with their drinks. This young lady politely replies that they hadn’t ordered anything yet, she was waiting for them to make their choice.
    I work at a copy center. A middle management-type comes in to make copies. He pulls me away from my current project to help him with making copies. No prob, I say, put them in the top feeder, enter the no. of copies, push the BIG green button. Nope, he says, I want them double sided. OK, that’s easy, I say. Just press this button that says ‘1:2’. Your copies will be double sided. He looks at me and then from nowhere says “How is this thing going to know which page to put where?” I tell him that the machine scans each page, then copies them one at a time first on one side then flips the page over and copies the next page.
    “Bullshit, you’re not trying to make me look stupid, are you?” he declares. So, he proceeds to flip over every other page in his stack, putting them blank side to blank side. This is how you make double sided copies, he said.
    I could hardly wait for him to push the green button. Nothing on this great green planet could have torn me away from that machine as his copies came out.
    He just stared at them. After realizing he had just shown everyone in earshot that he was a certifiable idiot, he turned to me and said the reason he made the error was that I was intimidating him.
    Stupidity is rampant. Eight years of having the Village Idiot in charge of the country has exposed us to a seriously debilitating condition.

  17. Soap that breaks into smaller pieces while you’re using it.
    The commercial with the toddler and the blackberry. I get the creeps every time he supposedly gets an off color email and says “Bad girl”. UGH.

  18. Several things about cell phones:
    As mentioned above – hearing folks private conversations. Esgpecially if either something I don’t have any reason to know (forcing me to be an eavesdropper) or a totally inane conversation – one that happens most has one side of the conversation “…I’m eating…At Hardees…having a hamburger…with some fries…they’ve got ketchup too…”
    What I can never understand is that in my city-life past, one of the cardinal sins was slowing down either a line or traffic. Yet we know that folks on cell phones slow down traffic and then they take them to the grocery store so they can weave around wildly slowing down things there too.

  19. People talking on their cell phones in restrooms…while (ahem) USING said restrooms.
    Sweet chocolate jeebus!
    And snabby, in our state, it’s supposed to be a traffic violation to be in the left lane if you’re not actually passing. So I’ve found myself in a terrible conundrum–you’re not supposed to pass on the right (as I’d always been taught), but there’s a person in the left lane (invariably driving about 6 miles per hour below the speed limit while talking on their cell phone) who won’t get over to allow you to pass, leaving you in this netherworld. Do you stay in the left lane (theoretially violating traffic laws), hoping that your presence there will eventually register on the moron in that lane, and they’ll move over to let you pass? Do you pass on the right? Do you get into the right lane and let somebody else intimidate the moron into getting into the right lane?

  20. 1. People who litter on the beach, and the subset of idiots who set off fireworks on the beach TOWARD the ocean. Where do you think all of those plastic bottle rocket tips are going to end up, douchebag?
    2. Slurping (with apologies to my son who asks, “Why do you buy me a slurpee if you won’t let me slurp?!”)
    3. My two alcoholic, married, codependent and deeply dysfunctional bosses.

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