Republicans Used To Think Filibusters Were Horrible

But now thatSaxby is back in the Senate (ugh, Georgia, I love you, but comethe fuck on, it’s not just that he’s a fascist, it’s that he’s a moron) look for them to suddenly forget all aboutJustice Sunday:

Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell said yesterday that Republicans
have enough votes to invoke the “nuclear option” to limit Democrats’
ability to stall by filibuster consideration of President Bush’s
nominees for federal appeals courts.

“I never announce my whip count. But I’m telling you, there’s no
doubt in my mind — and I’m a pretty good counter of votes — that we
have the votes we need,” the Kentucky Republican said. “And that step
will be taken sometime in the near future at the determination of the
majority leader.”

In looking up all this silliness I went back and looked at the liveblogging Tena and I did of Justice Sunday and all the Pickering-Owens crap, andgood God, these people were nuts:

Frist is a “friend of the family in this country.” Not a family of tabby cats, that’s for sure.

“Reveals to us the need for greater civility in public life.”
BWAH! Oh, that’s the best laugh I’ve ever had. Hey, Billy, go ring up
Dick and ask him what he said to Leahy the other day, I hear it’s a

This is really boring. “Democrats threaten to shut down the
Senate and obstruct government itself.” Frist, that ain’t a selling
point. Most people could take or leave government.

He’s kind of breathy and annoying here. “I’ve been trying to
work out a compromise. It’s not easy. My Democratic counterpart, Sen.
Reid, calls me a radical Republican.” Sticks and stones can break my
bones but words really, really, really hurt me.

Filibusters are about to become the last line of defense between our country and complete annihilation by the radical gay Islamic mafia personified by judges who don’t think Jesus rode to America on his dinosaur.


3 thoughts on “Republicans Used To Think Filibusters Were Horrible

  1. I’ve been saying for two years now… LET THEM ACTUALLY CONDUCT A FILIBUSTER!
    You know, the kind in which they actually have to talk until they drop!!! My money is that if Harry Reid ever called these bozos’ hissy fit filibuster fainting spells, they would scuttle off the stage in short order. And if they actually DID try to talk till they dropped, we’d be better off letting these old jacka**es get laid out in hospital beds.
    Please Harry – make them actually do it!!

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