4 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. o’really is a pin head.
    nothin special. just cleaning the bog file. oh, and a nude art blogging this week. i gott find some male full frontal stuff.

  2. As you may know, we’re having a little fun up here in Soviet Canuckistan with our government. To be brief about it, the spoiled brat who currently wants to be our Prime Minister (for life, one suspects) has won two successive minority governments andthat just isn’t good enough dammit; he wants his majority government so he can sell the rest of the country off to the American neocons he spends all his time fellating when he isn’t insulting Canadians and spending the taxpayers’ money on glossy propaganda. So, he tabled a budget calculated to cause an election call, and got rewarded with the other 2/3 of the government (who represent the 2/3 of us whodidn’t vote for the bastard’s party) rose upen solidarite and told him toget stuffed. So he asked the Governor General to prorogue (suspend) the Parliament, and she, to her everlasting discredit, did so. So now, in January, he’s going to have another do-over on his budget. We’ll see what happens then.
    Meanwhile, Harper and his Freeperoid supporters have been descending ever further into Republicanoid tactics — calling their political opponentstraitors, and even getting peoplebanned from Facebook for making fun of them. (This comes after theelection campaign where someone in a bellweather riding in Toronto was writing things like “LIBERAL SCUM” on the sides of buildings andslashing the brake lines of cars belonging to people with Liberal party signs on their lawns.)
    This is unprecedented and really scary. What do we do?!

  3. Just want to whore a bit for our wonderful little burg of Vancouver, WA: 4,000 of us came out on Saturday and, going door-to-door, collected 250,000 pounds of non-perishable food to get the local foodbanks through the winter. I was assigned to walk one of the poorest neighborhoods in town, and was absolutely floored by the generosity of people who might be living on a fixed income in an 800 sq ft cottage, but still wanted to donate 3-4 bags of groceries for their less fortunate neighbors.
    FSM bless us, every one.

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