4 thoughts on “Sunday Fun

  1. I expect the lemon drop-smashing was rather theraputic, too. I always felt better after making graham cracker crumbs the old-fashioned way. (Damn you, Nabisco! For not only making pre-crumbed graham cracker crumbs, but also making a ready-to-eat graham cracker-crumb crust! Where’s the fun?)

  2. Buggy, have you seen the pre-crumbled Oreo cookie crumbs? Chocolate-crusted cheesecake, yes please!
    I make truffles that incorporate crushed gingersnap cookies and when I put them in the food processor to smash them it sounds like I’m drilling a well.
    My neighbors hate me this time of year. 🙂

  3. Ooo, truffles! Yes, I love the Oreo crust stuff–there’s this amazing turtle cheesecake recipe my mom makes with it.
    I have a to-die-for no-bake cheesecake–Lemon Cloud Cheesecake. Frozen heaven.
    I was kidding about the pre-made crumbs–much faster. But I do miss banging on the kitchen counter with a rolling pin. Yeaaarrrrggghh!

  4. pfft oreos. bissinger chocolate drizzle.
    and i found a 1974 sears wish book xmas catalogue. go for timeless clothing! it was truly gagarific! plaid pants. RUFFLES. LEISURE SUITS! OMG FUGLY. PORN staches! hey, you could order food!

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