Speaking of Killing Journalism

I won’t link directly to it, nor embed it, because it’s just so … GAH.

I mean, let’s just leave aside for a moment that he’s supposedly a war correspondent, saying war correspondents shouldn’t be allowed to cover the war. He’s not really saying anything Michelle Malkin hasn’t said a thousand times, which is, roughly, “I KNOW I ORDERED THE BIG BLOODY WAR MEDIUM RARE BUT FUCK YOU FOR BRINGING IT TO ME JUST THAT WAY YOU TRAITOROUS ASSHOLE.” I have a hard time getting worked up about this assclown who is, let’s face it, mostly getting laughed at, while remembering the very real damage Malkin and her ilk did in the case ofBilal Hussein.

This chewy little fuck isn’t even in her league. If he could put a sentence together, maybe he’d sincerely horrify a few people with the stupidity of his ideas, but he’s just spitting out things other people on the wingnut welfare circuit have told him, along the lines of AMERICA USED TO BE AWESOME THEN LIBTARDS KILLINATED IT WITH THEIR GAY ABORTIONS PATRIOTIC MOVIES WERE SO GREAT WHEN FDR WAS WINNING THE WAR WAIT NOT FDR I MEAN JOHN WAYNE WHAT? And then he flaps his arms around for a while.


9 thoughts on “Speaking of Killing Journalism

  1. Remember when McCain leveled a criticism at Obama – That Obama’s use of Joe the tax-cheat so-called plumber had brought him into the limelight and made his life a living hell? And how in every breath, both McCain and Palin worked in Joe?
    So now, who is working Joe into the limelight?
    And what are his qualifications to report on the mid-east? Does he know anything about the history or culture?

  2. Give him all the air time he wants. Same with Sarah. It’s important to make sure that everyone is reminded, again and again, what could have been.

  3. I’m just surprised that he hasn’t gone all-out “RAMBO” on the Palestinians, yet.

  4. If he goes RAMBO, please please please let there be some journalists around to document it. Or, failing that, a blogger with a camera phone.

  5. Scary. I disagree with you my dear, for the first time ever.
    There are waaaaaaay to many people that are buying this bullshit. I hear it at work all the time, and I work at an automotive supplier in fucking UAW liberally socialist Michigan. The state that is going straight to hell because we fucking invented the middle class.
    I think I have exceeded my personal limit for use of the F-word. Sorry. Passionate topic.
    But the point is: there are way too many people paying attention to this bullshit, and too many are buying it.
    Including us.

  6. Yet sadly, he’d still kick David Gregory’s sorry ass up and down MTP 🙁

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