Trent Lott is unnamed co-conspirator


Well well lookeehere

Former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott is the
unnamed co-conspirator in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court
against his brother-in-law, imprisoned former attorney Dickie Scruggs.

who acts to further the conspiracy is a co-conspirator,” said one of
Wilson’s attorneys, Vicki Slater of Jackson. “He called (Circuit Judge)
Bobby DeLaughter at Dickie’s request.”

DeLaughter has not been
charged with a crime but is being accused of ruling in Scruggs’ favor
in exchange in 2006 for a potential appointment to the federal bench.
Lott has acknowledged that he called DeLaughter about a judgeship, but
decided along with Sen. Thad Cochran to appoint someone else.

The day after Lott’s call, Slater said, DeLaughter sent Lott a resume.

The Sun Herald states there will be more on this in Wednesday’s edition

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  1. Does this mean that Trent ‘n’ George won’t be a-hangin’ out on the porch together, as promised?

  2. It is a great shame that the Blago scandal is going to weaken the impact of this news.

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