As…History…Marches…On — OMG, space monkeys!


You know the part at the end of Eddie Izzard’s bit about British vs. American movies, where there is not enough popcorn in the world to match the bombast?

That’s what I feel like lately just watching the fucking news! Is it just me, or is political theater in America way, way over the top right now? I’m gobsmacked just thinking “What the frilly heck is going to happen NEXT?”

Before the election, more often than not on most days, I’d have at least one issue that I was sufficiently pissed off or excited about to want to share. Now, I don’t know if this feeling is not wanting to miss something, or being concerned that everything seems so new and different I might get something wrong. And hey, I know this sounds completely stupid. I get that this is illusory, and likely transient. It’s not a response I’m particularly proud of but nonetheless, just between the Obama buzz, the presidential transition, the Blagojevich sideshow, the end of the Chimpocracy, and the financial crisis, I feel pretty goddamn slackjawed, dumbstruck, like my brain’s glazed over. I’m a couch potato glued to the unfolding events of history in the making.

And hey, it’s not all bad. Not knowing what’s going to happen is far better than the past eight years of cynical fatalism.

For the Izzard-impaired, the set-up reference ishere. For the rest of you (who probably know the bit by
heart) here’s an interestingalternative interpretation.

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  1. Tharn, that may be the simplest solution after all, though I’ve done that before and it was like cutting off a limb.
    I AM your wife!

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