6 thoughts on “A Summation

  1. WHY would i want to RELIVE IT??? why i will NEVER EVER WATCK W. plus the fact that i vowed never to watch an oliver stone movie.

  2. Oh for a hobnailed boot to connect with that rotted watermelon head of bush…on national television AFTER Obama has been sworn in.
    No, Secret Service lurkers, I have no hobnailed boots, nor to I have access to any. My funky boots are reserved for the nightclub. Granted, I wouldn’t mind serving that jackass occupying (thankfully for only a few more days) the White House w/a summons to The Hague…oh yeah, that’s it baby! 🙂

  3. Though I would agree that “What a dumb fuck” is a pretty good summary of GWB’s legacy.

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