Cheney: Why So Serious, Iraqis?

Why don’t you love us?

MR. LEHRER: The president has also said that he made some mistakes in the last eight years. Did you make any?

PRES. CHENEY: Well, make mistakes – I can think of places where I
underestimated things. For example, talking about Iraq, the extent of
which the Iraqi population had been beaten down by Saddam Hussein was
greater than I anticipated. That is, we thought that the Iraqis would
be able to bounce back fairly quickly once Saddam was gone or the new
government established and step up and take major responsibilities for
governing Iraq, building a military and so forth and that took longer
than I expected.

You solipsistic asshole. “Bounce back?” Sure, we’d just sort of blowed up their home and killed their leader and told them to loot all they wanted because freedom was untidy, and by the way fuck your libraries, we have oil fields to protect, you can always buy the priceless antiquities of Babylon back on Ebay, you stupid bitches. Sure, we’d just done all that in pursuit of weapons they didn’t have and terrorists they didn’t harbor, but why on earth would they not want to step right up and work with us? Honestly, I can’t figure it out.

This has been a wingnut article of faith for some time, that everything would have been fine if the Iraqis had been properly grateful for the freedom killing we did of them, instead of acting like children throwing an IED tantrum, and you expect this sort of shit from Little Green Fucktards and the Freepi, but you don’t expect it out of the mouth of the vice president of the United States. Or maybe you do, which is why in six days he’s going to be unemployed.


4 thoughts on “Cheney: Why So Serious, Iraqis?

  1. I should turn this into a post–maybe over the weekend.
    Ever notice how, with the right-wingers, sociology applies to other people, while psychology defines their in-group? That is, when a (usually white) American succeeds or fails, it’s because that person wanted it and worked hard, and overcame obstacles, and doesn’t owe jack shit to structural factors–in fact, those structures (especially the gub’mint) are portrayed as barriers, not assets. Now, when other people act, their actions are constrained by social factors. Iraqis not embracing freedom? Why, that must be due to the way Iraqi society was constructed under Saddam. Yep. That’s it.
    If this doesn’t make any sense, forgive me. IT’S FUCKING COLD OMG BRAIN FREEZING.

  2. I always thought Cheney was evil.
    In his final days, he’s proving to be insane as well.
    What a glorious combination that’s been for our country. And the world.

  3. Baba says (wagging index finger): “He is an evil man. He is a very, very, very evil man.”

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