12 thoughts on “Completely Goofy and Trivial Obama Post

  1. Obama will use the limousine during the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after he is worn in at the Capitol.
    Yeah, this is why we need editors, regardless of the platform we publish on. I don’t want to know how he’s going to be “worn in…”

  2. I don’t remember now where I saw it but there’s a graphic out there with a cutaway diagram of all the technology in the limo.
    They even have a compartment to carry presidential BLOOD, I presume to accomodate emergency transfusions.

  3. So, damn glad he’s getting a new Caddy. Couldn’t get the stank out of the old one (or the Dickmobiles) with vinegar, soda … or a frakkin’ firehose, for that matter. Come to think of it, tho, if Bushboy only used that ’06 DTS since his second inaugural … huh. (checking ebay and craigslist for low-mileage protection vehicles… the freeperati would make me rich beyond the dreams of avarice if I parted ’em out to sell as memorabilia …)

  4. Okay, the trading cards are awesome. They’d go nicely with my historical popes trading cards.
    No, I am not kidding.

  5. Oddly enough, I have a stack of “Desert Storm” trading cards I picked up a long time ago. Complete with stickers that had the insignias of the units that were out there… Just weird…

  6. Will do, A. I thought you’d get a kick out of the idea! Unfortunately, I only have six–stumbled across them at a local coffee shop, and I think they only ever printed one set. I’ve tried finding them on the net since (this was back in ’93 or so) and haven’t had any luck.

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