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  1. I did a post about this

    ABC Radio Host Wants Full-Frontal Nudity from Bush Press Sec. Dana Perino

    December 3, 2008, ABC Radio hosts Lee Rodgers, “Officer Vic” and Wall Street Journal Reporter “Buck” McQuillian discuss the possibility of hiring outgoing Presidential Press Secretary Dana Perino to work at top conservative San Francisco station KSFO.
    Rodgers wonders if “full frontal nudity” in the studio would be part of Parino’s role, to show off her “great rack”. (Windows Audio link, MP3 and transcript all at link)

  2. Spocko – Please tell me you’re kidding – both that the folks at KSFO would be dumb enough to go on the record with that (way to bring in them females to the conservative side!) and 2) even Perino would be dumb and have a low enough image of herself to let her be hired under such a cloud.

  3. I should have added: even the Barbie doll has gone to being a scientist rather than a stupid bimbo.

  4. MapleStreet. I’m not kidding. Below is the audio clip (in two formats) and transcript. The hosts were just fantasizing about having Perino work there, but Rodgers comes right out and says, “Mm hmm. Would full-frontal nudity be involved in her [Perino’s] role?”
    And as I talked to a bunch of people about this. I found that if I took away the identifying info of talk radio and put it into a context of professional men and professional women in a 21st century corporation with a HR department, everyone thinks that this can’t be accepted by upper management.
    When I say it’s talk radio, suddenly some other universe of rules apply. A Universe where there are no HR rules. One woman said, ‘Oh, it’s a shock jock’ as if that made it all better.
    What is interesting is that the parent company for ABC Radio/ KSFO is Citadel Broadcasting which has several very powerful women in charge. They have to look the other way because he makes them money.

  5. Unfortunately, I’m not blogging recently because of serious traumatic family issues — my great-aunt was murdered on the 6th, and I’ve had lots of stuff to do. I’ll be on hiatus for a while, I would guess. 🙁 I had been on a roll relatively recently, so there is some new stuff there if you haven’t caught up with it.

  6. Interro, I am so, so sorry for your loss. May her memory be for a blessing, and may you take this time to heal from this tragedy.

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