The Final Days II*


“stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover up or anything else…”

Hisfirst last farewell having been a steaming turd of a dud, Shrub’s gonna give it one more college try, which is probably more than he ever tried while actually in college…off-hand that makes me think of a line fromAnimal House–“eight years of college wasted.” Maybe they meant Electoral College.

It’s difficult to conceive of a more paltry set of “accomplishments,” and Bush’s well-known cavalier- attitude-bordering-on-contempt for history is manifest inhis gutting of the presidential records legislation act. Maybe in his mind that’s something to be proud of, and, not entirely by coincidence, sets up a big roadblock for any investigations or inquiries. Mission Accomplished.

I remember thinking in the immediate aftermath of the 2000 election debacle that at least Bush would be little more than a dim bulb caretaker of a president whose primary function would be keeping the seat warm for his successor. Funny enough, if that HAD been his legacy, he’d probably be better off for it.

Instead, he’s truly earned, if not Worst Ever, certainly Worst in Living Memory. Heckuva Job.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Actually, what the hell, let it hit you. Nobody really cares.

And finally–it’ll be interesting to watch how quickly he and Big Time fade from political memory. Sadly, you can count on it, given an at-best somnambulant elite press corps and a Democratic Party leadership as utterly incompetent as the Bush Administration itself. They should be tying Bush to the Republican Party as tightly as themuch missed Molly Ivins recommened tying a dead chicken to the neck of the dog that killed it. They should refer to this administration with the same sneering contempt with which the Republican Party STILL uses for Jimmy Carter. Instead, they’ll follow the lead of those who insist we mustn’t “talk about the past” (the Mark McGwire approach, come to think of it.)…that is, until the problems can be blamed on the “Democrat (sic) Party.”

So it goes.

*–title inspired bythis.

4 thoughts on “The Final Days II*

  1. Nope, Shrubs’s definitely the WORST EVER. Some of the other failed administrations produced financial collapses, scandals, illegal acts, unnecessary wars, attacks on U.S. soil, cronyism, incompetency, wiretapping, theft, extreme partisanship, malaise, and a country divided against itself, but I daresay that NONE of the previous administration produced ALL of the f*@#-ups (hope that I spelled that correctly) that I’ve listed anywhere AT THE SAME TIME and anywhere near CLOSE to the degree that Shrubya has done. Well, okay, the Civil War was worse, but that was just the ONE main failing (a major one, but still, just one) that cast a pall over Buchanon’s administration. And the nation was younger then (and has been for all the previous administrations); you’d think that the most recent one would’ve learned something from history and past mistakes. What makes the Shrubya administration absolutely the WORST is that the only thing that it seems to have learned from history is how to EXCEED the failures of those past administrations.

  2. I’d have to nominate Pierce as the prez that was so bad, his party refused to renominate him.
    Of course, Pierce is Dub’s great grand-dad (I may be a generation off).

  3. Ah yes, his post-presidential occupation will be filling gullies with “missing” e-mails in hardcopy, documents, and anything remotely resembling evidence.

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