Quitting Time Booster Shot

As quitting time came unusually late for me tonight, here’s a little later version of the QTBS:

– Got an email today from USA Today telling me that they weren’t going to publish my letter to the editor. Seemed strange as I’d never sent them one, so I did the logical thing and just deleted the message. Of course if you’ve ever been part of an email list that got spammed, you know what happened next: No fewer than 80 people wrote back to the entire list saying they hadn’t sent a letter to USA Today and demanded to be taken off of “this list.” Immediately, we got two other spam messages, which evoked similar responses. Then, as a matter of course, half of these idiots admonished the other half of these idiots for sending back letters to the whole list as this was obviously spam. Then, the half that was being castigated decided to rail back at the other half saying that group was creating just as big of a problem with packing people’s in boxes by responding. The list, as best I can tell, was from my alma mater, so you’d think these people with high-end degrees from a top-tier educational institution would have something better to do. Nah. What did we do before email and listservs and spam? I think we just went to the bar and drank until we had the courage to call our boss a jackass to his face…

– From the “OK, you’re so smart, you figure it out” department: Think it’s easy being the head of the Treasury department?Give this a whirl.

– For those of you hoping to get a glimpse at the amazing and insightful world of the newsroom, try this on for size. Having lived many a life in a few of these gin joints with printing presses, I keep reading the comments and thinking, “I bet I know that place…” or “That sounds just like…”

– What does it say about the state of our affairs when I can’t watch a half hour of Friends at 11 p.m. without seeingat least two commercials for this.

– Someone needs to tell Bill Simmons he’s risking his status as a complete asshole when he writes this well and with this much feeling. If you have ever loved a pet or had a kid who loved a pet, you need to read this.

– It’s interesting to see what the different channels did for MLK day. Most of them went to inauguration coverage, which made sense. Some did race retrospectives. ESPN Classic ran “The Jackie Robinson Story” and handful of Sports Century episodes, focusing on important black athletes. Perhaps the worst approach was that of TV Land which ran a Sanford and Son marathon.

Then again, it could have been worse…

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you next Friday


10 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. I used to think my big brother Michael looked like Lamont from Sanford & Son as a little kid. They both wore bell bottoms, open shirts, had thick mustaches, and were trying hard to be cool. So score a win for the ‘content of their character’ column for Sanford & Son. My family is white as milk.

  2. Now why’d you make me read that sad doggie story. Losing your first animal is rough (probably the second and third and…too). I had my cat for just over 17 years and it killed me when I had to take let her go. That story just made me think about the whole thing again.

  3. Damn. I really should have known better then to read that Simmons column at this time of night after a couple of beers. 🙁 Because of my father’s allergies, we didn’t get a cat until my parents split up, my freshman year of high school. But our first cat, I fell in love with immediately, and had 6 wonderful years with her, even separated for the last two when I was off at school. She was an older cat, so we knew we wouldn’t have her long, and she had health problems from the outset. But the night my mom called me up and told me, “Sary just lay down in her box, and didn’t get up again” hurt like few things I can compare it to.
    ( Love you, Sary.)

  4. People who watch Friends deserve to be subjected to much worse than ads for Luvrub; or whatever the hell it was.

  5. Oh, damn. I really, really shouldn’t have read about The Dooze. Now I’m going to be sad all day. God, I hate being such a mush sometimes.

  6. sad pet stories are good and bad.
    reminds me i need to make a list of the best things pansy did. i already and writing the list for my live cats. oy, and have names for my next 2 pairs.

  7. actually, i think i could be on the short list for treasury secretary — on my second try at the bailout game i got on the high score list.
    it really wasn’t that hard.
    glad you had a great vacation.

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