Friday Ferretblogging: Epic Winter Edition

If it’s snowing but still relatively warm, we take the boys out for a little snow adventuring. Last year Riot couldn’t get enough of the snow. He burrowed in it, chased snowflakes around, made himself into a very, very tiny horizontal snowman, it was Big Fun. This year, he wasn’t having it. I leashed him and put him down in the snow; he crawled right back UP me and curled up in my coat.


Puck, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough:

It went on like that for half an hour, until I finally had to drag him back inside. His nose was bright pink, his feet were covered with ice, his coat was soaking, and he ran around the dining room barking in furry delight while his brother watched, safe inside a fleece blanket.


8 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Epic Winter Edition

  1. BuggyQ says:

    Oh, that is so far beyond adorable it makes adorable look like Dick Cheney.

  2. virgotex says:

    maybe you should let him play in the icemaker of your freezer sometime…

  3. mothra says:

    I presume you’ve seen the Youtube video of the dog burrowing and running through the snow? No? Well, I don’t have a link, but I’ll bet you can find it. Puck is a tiny version of that.

  4. liprap says:

    That is too, tooo, CUUUUUTE!!!!
    Ferret in the snow is gonna have me in the warm fuzzy, squeal-y zone all day, now…

  5. pansypoo says:

    riot obviously grew up and prefers comfort to fun.tempted to throw basil in a snow bank.

  6. Athenae,
    Educate me.
    How old is Riot now?
    Is it possible that he’s outgrown playing in the snow?

  7. Athenae says:

    Sarah, Riot’s a year now. I don’t think he outgrew it; Puck is three and he loves it. I think maybe he just decided it’s no longer for him.

  8. karen marie says:

    more videos of riot and puck!

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