Simple Question

Why, when a law needs passing to violate the civil rights of Americans or go to war with a country that hasn’t attacked us, is a delay unconscionable, but when a law needs passing to fix the country’s economy, delays are needed to fully examine all possible spun-out consequences and apocalyptic scenarios?

I never really bought into the idea that Republicans like losing so they can be the noble opposition and not have to govern. I thought it was simplistic and gave them too much credit for strategy. But this is making me wonder if they really don’t want to win an election ever again.


3 thoughts on “Simple Question

  1. a few months back, Bush asked for a bailout – and got a check with no strings attached. Now we’re seeing $1400 trash cans and TP reports today on the purchase of a luxury jet.
    I would like to think that the folks in Congress have become introspective about the hastily passed bailout. I would like to.
    But unfortunately, I also hear about success in fixing the economy would be a political boon for the dems.
    I just can’t wait for the obstructionists to come up for re-election and have to explain themselves.

  2. reuplikkkans just like being shit in the ointment. and they REALLY don’t want a democrat to fix their mess. it might make them LOOK bad.

  3. Its long past time for the Democratic Majority to grow a pair and use them. I mean really? How many more elections do they think they are going to win if they refuse to lead?

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