‘The Whole World Is Rejoicing’


Seriously, where’s my foam finger?

If I’ve had a thing on this blog from the start — and I was doing some thinking this week while I was traveling because it was that kind of trip, the kind where you start out trying to get warm for the first time in months and end up reassessing your entire life — it’s that Democrats should stop apologizing for being Democrats and being liked and being elected and being supported and being popular. Quit screwing around, seriously. People put you in charge to do stuff. Power has a purpose and you either use it when you’ve got it or spend the rest of your life making up excuses why you didn’t.

I watched the inauguration from Aruba, in the hallway of a restaurant run by an expat New Yorker who shut down the Belgian chocolate sales she had going and turned every TV to CNN so the Americans in the place (lots of us, more than I thought) could see the sights from home. Her name was Christine and all week long people had been coming through the place, buying treats and booze and congratulating her. As if she’d won the election. She felt like she had.

“I’ve heard from Russians, Germans, from people in France,” she said, piling another stack of beers onto her little round tray and laughing as friends across the street waved to her. “Everyone is so happy. The whole world is rejoicing with us.”


All week long I’d pick up the local papers, turn on CNN for a few minutes (just a few, I couldn’t shut it off entirely) and there’d be some other entirely un-stunning display of competence and good sense. Appointing the experienced and intelligent to positions of influence. Repealing laws and directives that stifled the very objectives they were meant to aid. Saying to the world loud and clear with one voice that we will no longer tolerate a lawless prison on our consciences, that we may have fallen this far but we fall no farther.

But what kept striking me was how it was being done: With no hedging, no fauxpology, no “gosh I’m sorry we won’t constrain poor women to bearing children at the dictates of the state,” no “it’s just so horrible how we have to stop torturing people and making up bullshit excuses about what is and isn’t American soil.” I won, you lost, I may listen to you but then you sit down and I do what I was elected to do. Kay? One thing after the other, so much that the GOP can’t work up a head of outrage about any of it loud enough to drown out the next thing, and the collective reaction is sort of a sigh of relief, like, okay, at least we no longer have to worry quite so much about some nitwittery about nothing.

And the world, the world that hasn’t been so wild about us for a while, is rejoicing right along with us.



6 thoughts on “‘The Whole World Is Rejoicing’

  1. To quote the President: “I won.”
    Says it all, doesn’t it?
    Mandate, baybeeee!

  2. And the other night at the Pub, I was sitting next to an acquaintance (a lady in her early 60’s) that responded to something I said about our fantastic President, I believe my comment was “It’s so nice to have intelligent grown-ups in charge!!!” – her words: “Careful, remember who you are sitting next to! You know who I supported!?!” As if to ‘warn’ me???
    Oh bump that! I looked at her and said “I had to suffer the last 8 years of buffoonery and idiocy – I am not doing that anymore!” and it apparently pissed her off. Well TOUGH FRIKKIN TITTY! I am sorry, I don’t mean to be a bad loser – but for crying out loud – the 22%’ers are STILL INSISTING their wrong way was the right way and I am not gonna take that shit anymore. YOU (RETHUGLICAN SMALL MINDS) LOST, WE (AMERICA THAT IS) WON! STFU and play nice now – the rules matter again!
    Elspeth (Welcome back A! 🙂 )

  3. We just missed you, A — our last day at the Amsterdam Manor was the 15th. Where did you stay?

  4. Damn, Elspeth, that sort of thing drives me crazy. Like I’m supposed to forget the inyourface crapflinging I got from 1992 on from Republicans? Like they’ve ever given one tiny rat’s behind about MY feelings when they were winning elections?
    It’s like when Bill won, they suddenly lost all sense and became WATBs on a galactic scale. And now we’re supposed to forget ALL of that? We’re supposed to treat them nice when they treated us like the stuff Mr. BuggyQ removed from our cats’ litter box this morning?
    No. Just no. I’m not going to be a dick about it, but I’m not going to keep my mouth shut about this stuff. I’m a Democrat, damn it. Get used to it.

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