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  1. I’m lucky in that I’ve travelled a fair bit already. But that’s not possible now. So spots I’d still love to see, London, Cuba and either Tunisia or Morocco. Is that too many?
    With Cuba it seems eventually the country will have to open up and undergo some reform. I’d like to see it before that happens. The old cars, the food, the music; the way the sun shines on Havana has made many photographers ecstatic.

  2. It is taking me way longer to have a real response to this question than I thought I would. First thing I come up with are a list of ‘do-overs’ of places I have seen under less than optimal conditions. (its and ex-husband thing, I guess)
    But NEW places – Istanbul and Chile.
    But what I want most is to stay home and be happy

  3. Turkey, Morocco, New Zealand. But I’m waiting for transporter technology since I hate flying long distances unless I can afford Business Class.

  4. I want to go to England and Israel. If I’m going to England, I want to visit a good friend of mine, and go on one of those multiday horseback riding cross-country tours. I’m not really particular about which area of the country I do that in; all of it seems about as nice as any other. If I go to Israel, I want to visit friends in Tel Aviv, and I want to go to Eilat down in the south, so I can bake my skin to a golden tomato red and swim in the hotel pool at the Eilat Dan. I also really need to hit a bunch of countries in Europe, and I wouldn’t mind going to Phuket, Thailand, either. But those can wait until I’ve accomplished the two big ones.

  5. Apparently First Drafters have similar tastes. I’d love to visit Istanbul. But my first visit would have to be Budapest–a pilgrimage to the key spots of the 1956 Revolution. And after those two, New Zealand.
    I lived in London for the better part of a year, and I’d love to go back.

  6. France (Paris ’cause of Amelie & courtesans, and Versailles ’cause of my lifelong affinity for Marie Antoinette), Scotland, Wales (both due to maternal lineage), Ireland (Guinness & photo safari), Czech Repub (chase down some old paternal side family homesteads). Florence, Italy (ever since seeing “A Room w/a View”…sigh), Egypt to shop the souks, see the antiquities (would that it was somewhat safe for touring). Go to Africa and see some remaining African Elephants in their natural environment, see Gorillas… And more locally, go see the wolves in Yosemite.

  7. Lake Placid’s ice rink and the U.S. Hockey hall of fame. No doubt an A and Doc families road trip. 🙂

  8. I did the Far East during my Popeye days so I want to see Europe. I talked to Rick Steeves about Great Britain, he recommended it as my first stop. My clan is from Scotland. Then across the Irish Sea to my other roots on the Emerald Isle.
    Does Guinness go good with haggis?
    We’ll do France after I recover from the food. What the hell, I just eat my way through the rest of Europe.

  9. South Dakota. I always wanted to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and the Crazy Horse monument. I’ve been in 40+ US states but never in that region.

  10. The volcanoes of Hawaii. New Zealand. Grand Canyon. Prince Edward Island. Nova Scotia.

  11. I see there are not any apparent japanophiles. Japan is first on my list of places to visit. Such fascinating people.
    After that, China. Then Scotland, Germany, and possibly England. I’d also like to go back to Italy. I found it very beautiful and relaxing. The people there are very friendly toward Americans, unlike France. (In my extremely limited experience. I am open to being wrong.)

  12. Greece, Italy, Spain. Warm weather, Mediterranean diet, rich history, beautiful scenery . . .

  13. I’d love to take a trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Vladivostok, with many stops in between.
    (Especially Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.)

  14. Where I’d like to go, geographically:
    – Anywhere outside North America (I’m not well-traveled)
    – San Francisco to Vancouver
    – New England
    – Chesapeake Bay
    Where I’d REALLY like to go:
    – Upper Midwest (or Philadelphia), circa 1955-56.

  15. back to Mexico. Farther than a spit-‘s sling over the bridge, too. Maybe move to the Valley.
    Never thought I’d love anyplace as much as I love West Texas, but … well.
    The Rio Grande Valley is just beautiful country. Great food. Wonderful people.
    It’s like where I live now, except with rain, and the Gulf is an hour’s drive away.
    Yeah, it’s hot down there in August. So? It’s hot here in August.
    And in the Valley it’s not, like, illegal to be a Democrat.

  16. Domestic travel? Hawaii, New England, and Chicago.
    Never been to Europe or Japan. If I had to pick where to go first, I’d pick London. I would likely enjoy myself there and then wish I’d picked Tokyo instead, but that’s just me.
    Then I want to find somewhere warm and breezy to be a retired expat if I ever save enough money.

  17. In no particular order…
    Internationally: Morocco, Tokyo, Beijing, Tibet, Saigon, Seoul, Budapest, Istanbul, Moscow, Kamchatka… anywhere, really. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic… each new place I visit, I find something to fall in love with. I’d love to go back to Normandy, London, Vienna, and Prague.
    Domestically: North and South Dakota, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Utah, Colorado — I’ve done pretty well on the Eastern Coast, Midwest, and South – but have never been west of Dallas-Ft.Worth.

  18. And Islands… racymind’s “warm and breezy” comment reminded me. I have a friend who owns property on St. Croix and I practically drool every time he brings pictures back. St. Croix or St. John in the USVI, Guana or Necker Island in the BVI… somewhere where clothing is small or optional and the rum is locally-made and plentiful.

  19. I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand; Cuba (growing up in FL it was the object of furtive desire); Churchill, Manitoba (for the polar bears); Kenya and Tanzania (for the wildlife); Morocco for the culture, music and the fossils; and, since I began to practice taekwondo 4 years ago, Korea.
    But ’round about this time of year in the Pac NW, Vanuatu and Tahiti always sound delicious.

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