7 thoughts on “Imagine, if you will

  1. Sooo, A, is “Journalism killer” gonna end up on your CV? ‘Cause for some CEOs, that’s a winner right there.

  2. I love how the “best part” is that after spending 10 bucks to download, you can then PRINT it on paper! Actually…that kind was the future, huh…?

  3. 1981?
    My God, I was a bartender at a cowboy watering hole on Hwy 97 in WA. My customers had problems reading the print versions, let alone home computers. But beer was 75 cents a glass, well drinks were 2 bucks and a shot of Crown Royal was $2.50.
    Gawd, I’m old.

  4. ROTARY PHONES! they existed w/ computers?!?
    Yep. With the second ‘puter I ever used I’d dial the number and plump the handset into a pair of cups that defined the modem.
    (The first ‘puter I ever used ran off of punch cards. Really.)
    Good times…good time…

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