Against the Famine and the Crown: Galactica Thread



What would you keep in your locker? The dogtags of the men you’ve loved
and lost, certainly, and photographs of your dead relatives; records of
achievements, sentimental notes from friends and lovers. All the things
too precious to take with you but too important to store elsewhere. All
the things you need to look at every single day in order to remain
yourself. Anastasia keeps this picture hanging in her locker, and has
for years: this little girl, innocent and full of hope. This is her
heart, locked somewhere the world will never find it. This is how we
stay clean.

Spoilers inside now.

4 thoughts on “Against the Famine and the Crown: Galactica Thread

  1. “Edward James Olmos has so completely disappered into Bill Adama that I don’t know if I can ever watch him in anything else again. ”
    A-frakkin’-men. It’s unbelievable to me that he hasn’t gotten every award up to and including the Medal of Freedom for his work on this series. It’s a fucking crime.
    Ditto Mary McDonnell.
    And I was wondering about the pills thing, too. Frak, if they kill Adama at the end… Hell, it nearly killed me when they offed Dee. (Still pissed off, always will be, no matter what…)
    Tigh and Caprica? Eeeeeww. Just…eeeeeewwwwwwwww.
    And yes, the Cally/Hotdog/Chief thing was lazy plotting–it feels like they suddenly realized, “Oh, FRAK! We had Chief and Cally have a baby, but we can’t possibly have more than one Cylon/Human offspring!” And they couldn’t do any setup for it because they’d already OFFED CALLY! Stupid, stupid, stupid. This episode felt like a lot of ends-tying-up was going on, and not all of it was handled smoothly.
    BTW, have you watched any of the webisodes they had leading up to this season? I haven’t, but a friend told me they were all about Felix, and there’s apparently a LOT of backstory there. Just the word from the street. I don’t think there’s enough backstory in the world to make up for the frakking-up he’s been doing, but hey, who knows…

  2. I think it’s funny no one wanted to post here till you got back, A.
    It almost seemed like Gaeta was trying to commit “suicide by Starbuck,” like he was goading her into beating the crap out of him but all she did was insult him.
    agreed that the hotdog/cally thing seems pointless.
    at this point, the dying leader could be any number of folks.
    The early shots of Adama dressing and “keeping on keeping on” reminded me of how he did the same thing while everyone else was down on New Caprica. When/if he dies, he’ll probably just turn into metal and be absorbed into the ship.

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