Your President Speaks!

The Friday Pre-Middle Eastern Trip Interviews, Part III: An Interview WithSaudi-owned Al Arabiya TV.

Stop The Peace

I think the major obstacle to peace is going to be the politics of both Palestinians and Israelis trying to take advantage of the difficult work that these two leaders are going to have to do to define a state; that’s what I think. I think that extremists, in some instances, will try to stop the peace.

Your Peace Pardner

One thing is, is that they know that they’ve got a good partner in peace in me.

I’m Going To Want To Know What I’m Doing

They’re going to want to know whether or not I’m going to push. And I’m going to want to know — and I’m going to tell them, yes, I am, but we expect you to be constructive players, too.

There Was Common Interests

There was common interests — common ground has been now recognized.

Rebellion In The Cerebellum

We’ll tell our — I’m sure the — our friends and allies will say, well, what are you going to do about it?

An Honest About It?

But they say that they need this program, and my answer is, is that if you need it, then why haven’t you been transparent and disclosed it, an honest about it?

Scratched The Record

And part of the trip is to tell people, yes, we’ve got — we are engaged to help you, if you want our help, to enhance security. And part of the trip is to tell people, yes, we’re engaged to help you, if you want our help, to enhance security.

The Secretaries Are Pissed

Now, look, nobody wants to be dictated to, and I’m certainly not going to do that.

Send A Common

And so I’ve spent a lot of time with allies in Europe, for example, convincing them of the importance of working together to send a common to the Iranian regime.

All You Got To Do

Keep going. All you got to do is ask; I’ll handle it.

Suiciders Again

We’ve sanctioned Syria, and I’m looking at different ways to keep sending a tough message, because so far, he has shown no willingness to be constructive on Lebanon or in dealing with a militant Hamas or in stopping suiciders from heading into Iraq.

There Is Other Leaders

And so, yes, I mean, he could try to wait me out, but there’s other leaders in the world that are as equally concerned as I am about Syria not letting the presidency go forward and really hurting this very important democracy in the Middle East.

Medulla Ohmigodda

And Syria is — has been — when we passed the resolution out of the United Nations, it worked.

Mental Mush

And yet, as opposed to honoring the notion of staying out of — and to stop obstructing politics, Syria just has not been helpful at all.

There Is Other Countries

There’s other countries I won’t be going to either.

Murderers In Their Intentions

And in order to have a safe and secure society, the state has got to show that it can provide security for the people and not tolerate pockets of extreme radicals who are murderers in their intentions, and he did.


Therefore, part of our strategy is to get others to send the same message that I’ve consistently been sending to President Assad: If you want to be isolated, if you want to be — or if you want — you have a choice: Do you want to be isolated or a part of the world?

Too Many Suiciders

The average — you know, it’s still tough. There’s still too many suiciders, but the level of violence is declining.

Suicider Credits

I would give — if, in fact, Syria is trying to stop suiciders, I will give them credit, of course. I hope that’s the case. It’s certainly one way to begin to earn better relations with the United States, is to stop the exportation of suiciders who go kill innocent people.

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  1. Stop the torture, please! Every time this man opens his mouth I cringe. It’s like mental waterboarding. He just keeps pouring out his imbecility until the pain of listening to him is unbearable. It makes me want to confess to anything just to get him to stop. You know, this would be funny if it weren’t so damn excruciatingly embarrassing.

  2. Mr Caulfield, or may I call you Holden? Or perhaps ‘the Catcher?’
    That made pretty crappy day a lot better. May I borrow ‘medulla ohmigodda’ sometime? I swear I won’t overuse it (not)…

  3. you really—-but people may or then decide to be maybe people. I understand but assad did do suiciders much

  4. What’s with “suiciders?” He keeps repeating that. Has anyone bothered to tell him it sounds idiotic?

  5. What’s with “suiciders?” -DoktorN
    you just KNOW it will be in the next “dictionary”…

  6. re: ‘suiciders’…
    you know, like ‘democrat party’…
    keep watchin’ the skies…

  7. You know, the biggest unreported scandal is how this clown got into Yale and Harvard. The American people should file a class action suit against those two institutions. I’m serious.

  8. I just can’t imagine how Bush snagged the all-important “stupid” vote.

  9. “The thing about dictators – and we don’t have to need them, not anymore, that is – is the dictators actually do dictate. That’s what they do. That means – so they speak. But the people who love freedom can take dictation if they want, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be free. So stop the suiciders.”

  10. An explosion was reported near the local waste water treatment plant today. Police are blaming a sewer side bomber.

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