The United States of (Frozen) Bananaland


Why bother maintainingthe infrastructure that makes our modern society “modern” when we can bankrupt the treasury withneedless wars?

And would you like somesailboat fuel with that?

By the way–Dick and Dubya have certainly earned their in-the-sewer public ratings; however, for an entire generation both parties have done their level best to make the federal government the dysfunctional institution it’s become. Neo-liberals as well as conservatives couldn’t wait to distance themselves from the New Deal and GreatSociety, maintaining various fictions as to the actual workings and functions of government. And we’ve ALL suffered–well, except for those at the top, many of whom have spent decades either on the public payroll or drawing great benefit from government (no bid, cost plus contracts and so on.) It’s gotten to the point that asserting that government has a responsibility to SERVE the public is considered odd, if not outright dismissed.

And that’s scary: a government that doesn’t serve the people, but is served BY them, isn’t exactly civil society.

One thought on “The United States of (Frozen) Bananaland

  1. sewer work isn’t ‘sexy’ news. til a major pipe bursts and children are swept away on a river of poop. besides, the gnews hate america. don’ ask them to HELP.

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