I Hope They’ve Learned Something

Really, I hope Obama and his team have learned something from the ongoing stimulus bill drama.

We all know what happened, right? The House Dems put together a stimulus bill to which, surprise, the Republicans objected. What did they object to? Family planning. Because, you know, helping people avoid pregnancies during tough times clearly can’t do anything to help ease economic pain for individuals. Oh, no.

So the President, naively, urged the House Dems to drop the family planning proposal from the bill. And they did. Republicans cooed approvingly, happy that the new President was reaching out to them in good faith.

The only problem with that is that these cocksuckers don’t know the meaning of “good faith.” You can’t compromise with Manichean ideologues. And, yes, I think that “cocksuckers,” “Republicans,” and “Manichean ideologues” are all synonyms.

Now how many House Republicans do you think voted for the final, $819 billion stimulus bill? Come on, guess!


Predicting Republican behavior is like predicting that the night follows the day.

And if it hadn’t been Medicaid family planning, they would’ve bitched and moaned about something else. It’s what they do. They’re petulant little asses, but right now they can’t affect what happens in the House. So fuck ’em. Should it happen that there once again emerge Republicans that are interested in compromising, then we can talk. Until then, make every day a kick in the nuts for the House GOP. And I mean that literally as well as figuratively. As for those House Republicans who have no nuts, I’m sure a good punch in the throat would do.

As for the final 244-188 vote, what were the Republicans bitching about then?


No, really. The same people who vastly increased government spending while reducing revenue when former President Bush (man, that still feels good to type) was in the White House and they held both houses of Congress are nowwhining about deficits. What do they want, instead? Tax cuts. That’s right. That’s how the Federal government is going to help make up state budget deficits. With tax cuts.

That they aren’t struck dead every time they open their lying, filthy fucking pie holes is a strong argument in the case against the existence of God.

We’ll see what happens in the Senate. Will Snowe and Collins toe the GOP party line, as they usually do, or will they look at the recent political trends in their home state and cross over? Will Holy Joe Lieberman, douchebag to the stars, try to torpedo the bill so that he can get more of Karl Rove’s sweet, sweet love? What about Mitch McConnell, John Kyl, John Cornyn, and the rest of the walking cum dumpsters that comprise the Senate Republicans?

Here’s a clue, from therepublican.senate.gov site:

Bipartisan rejection of a partisan plan.

That’s right. They’re saying that since 11 House Democrats voted against the stimulus bill, the opposition to it was bipartisan. Eleven. Out of 255.

So, to revisit my point, and I do have one: Dear President Obama–please learn from this. I know you’re a smart guy, and you have to be able to notice these trends. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “I Hope They’ve Learned Something

  1. i was propelled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:05 a.m. by the nasty smirking face of matt lauer schooling obama press secretary gibbs that house democrats (especially pelosi) have to “moderate” themselves.
    that’s right. the fact that not a single republican voted for the stimulus bill is proof, according to matt lauer, that democrats are unreasonable.
    i am done with tv. i was starting to hope the dtv changeover would be postponed so i could continue having access to tv.
    no more. february 17th cannot come soon enough.

  2. Dear President Obama–please learn from this. I know you’re a smart guy, and you have to be able to notice these trends. Thank you.
    Rain, meet parade. This is not Rip Van Winkel in the White House, and anyone who hasn’t been in a coma for at least the last eight years ought to have been noticed this particular trend some time back.
    I don’t think the problem is that the Republicans’ behavior took Obama by surprise.
    Whatever the reason, though, it’s not a good way to start. I hope it gets better.
    With kind regards,
    Dog, etc.
    searching for home

  3. The thing the Democrats did that was good, and that they need to continue to do, is they allowed the Republicans to participate in the process of writing the stimulus bill. If you will recall, back in the recent dark ages when the Repubicans had control of the whole government, they simply locked the Democrats out of the whole process – no participation in bill writing, no participation in meetings about bill writing, no amendments allowed, let alone voted on, totally blocking any Democratic participation in government. That was utterly bad, and I’m happy that the Democrats aren’t treating Republicans that way.
    However, just because we allow them to talk, and we are willing to vote on their ideas, is no reason to accept even one punctuation mark proposed by them. They aren’t going to vote for a single Democratic bill anyway, so we have no reason to accept a single input from them. That should be the lesson from yesterday.

  4. Virgo, Until I followed your link, I was dire-ly hoping that you were being fascetious about legislation to protect Limbaugh. And this after 8 years of the valuable radio spectrum open to the highest bidder!
    Otherwise, I’m with Hoppy. I’m glad the dems tried. But after the result, recall the words of Obama to the Arab nations – **IF** you are willing to unclench your fist.

  5. Apparently Obama HASN’T learned anything because he is prepared to cater to Republicans AGAIN once it gets to the Senate–he is prepared to add or strip whatever they want so he gets the bill passed.
    Note to Obama: Just getting a bill, any bill passed is not success–particularly when you give everything away that you wanted. That’s called BEING HAD.

  6. Give the Pubes what they want in the Senate and they will still punk Milqtoast Harry by pretending to “fillibuster” (vote down cloture) while waltzing off to their private planes at National or Dulles and winging away for a long weekend.
    You heard it hear first.
    Of course, I could awake from the coming Charlie Brown moment and see Harry actually force those smirking jackasses (yeah, I’m talking about you Diaper Dave!) stand in the well, ad infinitum, talking until they drop.
    Boy, wouldn’t that be nice?

  7. I’m beginning to wonder if Obama isn’t making sure that republicans make very public asses of themselves leaving the public with no doubt as to how bad the republicans are and exactly where they stand when it comes to America.
    I myself enjoy helping someone make an ass out of themselves and get a smile when everyone around them get a picture of the real them. lol
    Let’s face it, republicans are not all that bright when it comes to getting them to make public asses out of themselves. My dogs catch on faster than today’s republicans.

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