Know Who Your Friends Are As You Head Off To The War: Thank You Hillary Thread

Because as relieved as I am, that it’s over, I’m sad, that it’s over.

Thank you, Senator Clinton, for standing up for Democratic values and Democratic principles, for advocating universal health care and workers’ rights, for reminding us every day that we have come so far, and for reminding us how far we still have to go. Thank you for getting back up.


20 thoughts on “Know Who Your Friends Are As You Head Off To The War: Thank You Hillary Thread

  1. thank you, hillary, for not listening to the putzes and allowing the democratic primaries to run through every state.
    as others have pointed out, the differences between obama and clinton are more style than substance, and the effect of the full primary run has been to energize and inform voters in every state. this is a very good thing.
    thank you, hillary clinton, and john edwards and bill richardson and the rest of the democratic candidates who ran against obama.
    and also thank you voters for putting in your two cents. remember to vote in november! YOUR vote is important!

  2. Thank you Hillary for providing anti-Obama soundbites for the RNC to run with all fall. Thank you Hillary for using every disgusting republican electoral trick to rile up your followers to the point that refuse to support a democratic candidate…and yes thank you for running 30 million dollars in debt attacking Obama and his followers and then asking them to pay for it once the primaries ended.
    Joking aside I respected you and your husband tremendously before this process began but the two of you did nothing but eat away at that respect I had built for the Clinton brand…you both have no one to blame for your diminished legacy but yourselves. You still have time to rebuild the trust if you serve the interests of the Democratic canadiate and democrats in upcoming election instead of yourselves. Please make me proud to be a Clinton supporter once again

  3. And thank you for generally following the rules and not trying to win at any cost.

  4. If Hillary Clinton hadn’t started off trying to prove she had a bigger d*ck than george bush, everybody would be asking right not, “Barack O-who?”!!!!!

  5. Make her Senate Majority Leader. She has more fight in her than Reid does.
    As disgusting as I found many of her tactics, it’s good prep for what McCain’s gonna throw at him.
    I’ve never been a fan of The Clintons, so I won’t engage in bashing now, don’t feel like beating that dead horse today.

  6. BlakNo1:
    As disgusting as I found many of her tactics,
    Yeah, saying that Obama wanted her assassinated was really the lowest of the low.
    Oh, wait…
    NOTE You want unity, stop pushing the bullshit. You don’t have to, anymore, you know.

  7. Thank you, Senator Clinton, for never giving up, never saying die, and refusing to be a good little servile helpful woman.
    And to the Obamanation who lied about you, you showed class. To the Obamanation who called you racist and divisive, you stood up.
    Thank you for being better than your opponents deserved.

  8. But.. IF you listen to the folks at Correntwire, it’s not really over! it’s all jujitsu to continue the campaign in Stealth! Obama will burn out in a hail of Eagletons! His donor base is much smaller and weaker than Clintons! Black people can’t WIN!!!!
    Clinton has acquitted herself well, even if she was forced to do so. Some her her supporters, however, have not.

  9. lambert strether | June 07, 2008 at 13:28
    Get bent, douchebag. Take your fucking ball and go home, already.

  10. I’m glad the nomination fight is over, and there’s a slot of bad blood from both sides. I hope they really can get it together, but there may be too many people to invested in either of them to let that happen politely.

  11. I certainly appreciate that Senator Clinton withdrew gracefully. She could have do that with a lot of bitterness that would really cause trouble, but didn’t.
    Now, we have a candidate for President. He is the one who should be getting the press, our attention, our donations. It doesn’t require that we all sing Kumbaya together now, just that we don’t take to barricading the streets and rioting.
    I am very grateful that we now have 5 months for all of us to cool off and realize that electing a Democratic president is our next job, whether that person is our first choice, our second choice or our last choice. Right now he is the only viable option to McCain, who wants to “lead” a third Bush term in office. To quote our former secretary of defense, “we go to the election with the candidate we have not the candidate we might wish we had.” I think he said that???

  12. So she withdrdew and this was a post specifically to thank Senator Clinton, yet people still feel the need to come in here and be giant a**holes. Weird.

  13. Hey Athenae,
    I’m here in the Windy City until Thursday, attending a conference and staying at the Union League Club. It is wicked swank. If you’re around, I would love to buy you an adult beverage one evening.

  14. to those hillary bots who are thinking of voting mcinsain or not voting -HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION THE LAST FUCKING 8 YEARS??????????

  15. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I disliked Hillary’s campaign.
    But we are one party, and I thought Hillary’s speech yesterday was gracious.
    And as the father of a daughter, the husband of a wife, the brother of a sister, and the son of a mother, I do appreciate what she’s done for women.
    She just wasn’t the right woman with the right campaign.

  16. “Obama will burn out in a hail of Eagletons!”
    My aunt Mary used to be an executive secretary to a series of congressmen from Wisconsin back in the 50s-70s. She was visiting us in the summer of 1972, right when Tom Eagleton’s medical history came to light, and he ended up being replaced on the Dem’s ticket, etc. And I remember her saying what a wonderfully nice man Tom Eagleton was, and what an utter shame it was what was happening to him. and her being genuinely sad about it.
    I can’t see Tom Eagleton’s name and not think if that.

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