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  1. Things that I never would have thought of. As Alf used to say, “How many arbitrary and capricious rules are you going to come up with?!”
    I’m not familiar with The Sun. Is it one of the newspapers that Men In Black turn to for information on aliens?

  2. Is it one of the newspapers that Men In Black turn to for information on aliens?
    No, it’s one of those newspapers that men in work clothes turn to for pictures of seventeen year old girls in their underwear. That’s really about all you need to know about it, isn’t it?
    I think it’s fine he didn’t get rabies. Giving him rabies shots would have been a waste of resources, and so would the standard of care for a terminal rabies infection.

  3. i have observed raccoons up close. men, they are the last thing you want to try that with.i bet even bears won’t touch coons.

  4. What amazes me is that there actually *were* related stories. The one downside of his not getting rabies is that he won’t actually qualify for the Darwin Awards. Methinks he’d’ve had the all time top spot nailed.
    p.s. Now that the fattest raccoon has died, I think I have the new candidate hanging out in my back yard. The dude waddled across my deck last night, and almost got stuck in the railing of our deck when I went out to scare him off. No, I didn’t try to touch him…or anything else.

  5. BuggyQ, as I have related before, I used to live in Yonkers, right down by the Hudson. It was like Edward Gorey meets Tim Burton meets The Wire. The train station was over-run with racoons – they lived on cheetos and chicken bones and other commuter detritus and were HUGE and all over the train station and neighborhood like pigeons or squirrels.
    There was an old crippled one we nicknamed Meester Stumpy. I think I saw that animal every day for the year I lived there.

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