Not all Texans suck. And here’s a reason why:

As a people, we have an innate, near-Borgesian, affinity for the surreal.

Which may, or may not, be entirely subconscious.

I’m in the middle of the audiobook of Carrie Fisher’sWishful Drinking, which is partly a total squicky trainwreck and partly genius gutbusting funny.

And that makes this, below, even trippier and more inspiringly godawful tacky than it already is.

Debbie Reynolds, b. El Paso, in the first AmericanScopitone video. Made, not so incidentally, by her own Harmon-ee Productions company.

7 thoughts on “Not all Texans suck. And here’s a reason why:

  1. What fun!
    I poked around youtube a bit looking for other Scopitone. One called Pussycat a GoGo was actually flagged for adult content even though it would be tame by MTV standards.

  2. That was awesome, Virgotex! I didn’t know Debbie was a Texan. You’re lucky to be able to claim her, cheesiness and all. Singin’ In The Rain alone would have been enough to make me a fan. Her appearance in Connie and Carla made me even more of one.
    And, for the record, I heart many things Texan. Particularly my grandmother.

  3. You just can’t have enough tulle, stillettos, and dancers whilst interpreting a humble folk song.
    not to mention the way she makes “love between your brothers and your sisters” sound…

  4. That vid reminds me, I need to find “That Thing You Do” on DVD…Tom Hanks (or his Production Design team ‘captured’ the era!) 🙂

  5. Elspeth. Right! “That Thing You do” is one of my favorites. I love the…joy… you see in the film when they first figure out they have a hit.
    Also, Singing in the Rain, is so wonderful.
    “Dignity, always dignity.”

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