Subcontracting to Zombies

I know I should be debunking wild Republican claims about the stimulus bill–Didja know that 80 billion tax dollars are going towards a supertrain connecting Las Vegas to Octumom’s vagine? It’s an outrage!!— but my 2 year old, Pearlgirl Deuce, is recovering from a tonsillectomy, so my time is short today.

Instead I will link to the American Zombie, a stalwart friend and ally, whooutlines some background information aboutthe latest in Louisianan anti-science stupidity– a stupidity that may spread.

5 thoughts on “Subcontracting to Zombies

  1. “Did you buy her ice cream yet?”
    Doh! I had it on my list and somehow forgot! Thanks for the reminder. Ice cream is crucial.
    “Do they still do tonsilectomys?
    At least some do… still. Are there alternatives, or is this procedure going out of style?

  2. It’s been awhile since I even HEARD of one. The last one I heard of was in “Curious George Goes To The Hospital”, I think. 😉
    Feel better Pearlgirl D!

  3. some people believe the silliest things
    beside if zombies got building contracts they wouldn’t build train to octomom’s va-jay-jay.
    they would build stops to neurosurgeon and hat retailers

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