Bobke shaved

Bob Roll shaved his head and it all started with a blog.From the Fat Cyclist blog:

Here’s How It Happened
I talked toChuck Ibis (Scot Nicol ofIbis, the guy who made it possible for us to give away theSilk Carbon SL last year) a couple of days ago and told him that Bob Roll needs to shave his head — get rid of that fluff on top.

“Give him a reason to,” said Chuck.

So I said, “How about this. We’ll set him up a LiveStrong Challenge page (onTeam Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan of course). If we raise$5,000 on his page before the end of the Tour of California, Bob shaves his head.

Scot ran the idea by Bob. Bob didn’t bat an eye.He’s in.

They raised the money in 24 hours. And here is theresult…