Even If I Buy Your Defense, You’re Still Indefensible

About the NY Post editorial cartoon. In the debate over whether it’s racist (really, NY Post, you can’t imagine how anybody could take it that way? REALLY?) the point largely lost is that it brings nothing new to the debate whatsoever and thus in addition to garnering AUTOMATIC RACISM FAIL it also fails on the level on which the NY Post is now insisting it was meant. I mean, just for kicks let’s assume the NY Post is telling the truth and the point of its cartoon was that the stimulus bill was so dumb and incomprehensible a monkey could have written it.

That’s … umm, okay, a point I have heard everywhere else including from my Mom and from Jay Leno a week ago. We’re saying the stimulus bill is hard to understand? It’s gibberish? That’s … seriously, someone got paid to make that point? The people on the Green Line last night were making it for free. So … ha ha, I guess? You lose twice?

I mean, even taking the NY Post at its own word, they ran a potentially offensive cartoon that in addition to being potentially offensive, was also not funny or interesting or contributing something to the public’s understanding of an issue at all. As always, when racist hacks open their mouths to defend themselves, they wind up making matters worse.


7 thoughts on “Even If I Buy Your Defense, You’re Still Indefensible

  1. I saw an editorial cartoon in the NY Post that had sperm swimming around in a mouth with faces that looked like Bill Clinton. You have to have some standards in the first place to be accused of having violated those standards. The NY Post knows what they are doing and can’t be shamed. If Sharpton was smart he would have asked minority sports fans not to buy the NY Post to get sports news because the paper is run by racists. Asking the editorial side to change ain’t going to get the job done.

  2. I wonder if there are any minority-owned businesses (and/or businesses with large minority customer bases) that advertise in the NYPost…

  3. I should have said all sports fans above, not just minority sports fans. White people care about that enabling the Post’s BS too.

  4. I guess after 8 years of calling the president the “chimpster”, some people didn’t get the memo to stop.

  5. I’m trying to figure out how the right wing can say such stupid things with a straight space.
    Countdown just had a tape of Keyes saying that he couln’t call Obama “President Obama” because he wasn’t born in the USA and therefore not a citizen.
    This on the heels of tonight’s local news. Had Roy Blunt (repub running for Kit Bond’s seat) saying the repubs aren’t even allowed to read the bailout bill (uh, it was on the senate web page – even Rush found it although he didn’t know how to search a pdf). He also added that it included a train from CA to Las Vegas. And this is the well informed person who is running for Congressman?
    To make it worse, the local news reports this, without any sort of disclaimer or analysis.

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