John McCain & Co: Whiny-Ass Titty Babies

John McCain, undated file photo.

Awww. Poor Huggy Bear. He’sjealous of all the press attention that Obama has been getting. Well, be careful, national media. Hell hath no fury like McCain scorned–or even mildly perturbed. Just ask his current wife, whoMcCain called a “cunt” in public.

But hell, he must be rubbing off on his advisers. 

Mr. McCain’s comments were mild compared with the bleak mood and
frustration on the part of his advisers, who have taken to referring to
Mr. Obama sarcastically as “The One” and railing against the large
amount of coverage Mr. Obama is receiving compared with Mr. McCain.

is nothing you can do about it,” said an acerbic Mark Salter, one of
Mr. McCain’s closest advisers, while standing at the back of a modest
crowd assembled to hear Mr. McCain speak at a picnic in South Portland,
Me. ” ‘The One’ went to Europe and homage must be paid.”

Whaaa! Lookatmelookatmelookatme!

But wait! Maybe he can still rally his media base!Nothing brings people together like a shared sense of hardship, right?

Late last night, the McCain campaign kept it up when aides handed out
luggage tags to the traveling press that read “McCain Press Corps: JV
Squad, ‘Left Behind to Report in America.’ ” The words were translated
into French on the opposite side.

Ooooooh. Crafty. For a fucking eighth-grader, you fucking dipshits. Also, why does the McCain campaign hate America? Isn’t reporting from The Greatest Country Ever In The Universe the bestest thing ever?

Finally, check out this stunning strategy.

Mr. McCain’s strategy during Mr. Obama’s weeklong tour of Kabul,
Baghdad, London, Paris and Berlin is to hit at Mr. Obama, the
presumptive Democratic nominee, as too green to be commander-in-chief —
he has had “no military experience whatsoever,” Mr. McCain told

No military experience makes for a bad commander-in-chief, huh? I see. Could you please inform the following two gentlemen that they were terrible presidents, then?

Yeah. Just awful.

If anything, he was even worse, right?

It’s not like either of those two guys have memorials in Washington, D.C. or anything. Nope. That’s what a lack of military experience will get you.

13 thoughts on “John McCain & Co: Whiny-Ass Titty Babies

  1. I thought Goerge W. Bush had military experience, too. Wasn’t he a fighter pilot like McCain? Heck, George even avoided getting shot down.

  2. Of course, dr2chase, if you don’t fly you can’t be shot down. So I’m the best pilot in the world (as long as you don’t look at what I’ve done on flight simulator). 😉
    But that is a great point Jude. Lincoln had no experience and he is the one that everyone likes to read about, analyze, and compare themselves to.
    But I wish you or someone could explain to me why McCain’s rantings over minor stuff don’t qualify as whining when people’s angst over a tanking economy is so clearly whining.
    Just last night, I saw a McCain ad with the basic premise that “they” don’t let you drill for oil; which is the reason oil is $20 a gallon; but McCain is for drilling in the WH front lawn. Funny, the ad didn’t say anything about the effect of more drilling being psychological. I guess Dr. Phil was busy when they taped the commercial.

  3. Lincoln served in the Blackhawk War, running all over Wisconsin and Illinois keeping the area safe for democracy, or whatever. Does that count?

  4. Not to mention Adams, Jefferson, Madison, or Monroe.
    Or…[shudder]…Saint Ronald Effing Reagan. Frankly, I think that would be one of the strongest responses to this meme. “So lack of military experience means you’re unqualified to be president? Tell that to Ronald Reagan.”

  5. This was MY favorite part from the CBS interview of mccain yesterday:
    Couric: Sen. Obama describes Afghanistan as the central front on the war on terror. That is where, after all, Senator, 9/11 was plotted. And now the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan seems to be a hot bed of al Qaeda activity. Why do you believe Iraq is the central front in the war on terror?
    McCain: Well, one reason is because that’s what Osama Bin Laden said that it was. He said, “Go to the country of the two rivers.”
    personally, i think CBS made the right choice for the cutting room floor. most people wouldn’t recognize mccain’s timeline problem (on which he hinges his entire argument, hilariously enough) but somehow i find it hard to imagine that people didn’t fall out of their chairs when they heard mccain make the declaration that bin laden is directing US troop movements.
    i am sure CBS thought they were doing mccain a favor but it’s pretty clear from the aired portion alone that mccain is an addled old man.

  6. BuggyQ, I can see where that Reagan comparison falls down — at least by the end of his life, Reaganbelieved he’d been in the military in WWII. Which he was, sort of, if you consider being an actor who helped the government make propaganda films as part of a special wartime effort (they did have some official title) as “being in the military.” Chances are the types who are so far gone on St. Ronnie of Raygun think that starring as Sargeant Hero Protagonist in “How to Kick Ass and Influence People” actually counts.
    There’s something almost existentially sad about that, isn’t there?

  7. Not to mention Adams, Jefferson, Madison, or Monroe.
    Well, Madison had military experience by the end of his Presidency; taking the “commander-in-chief” bit very literally, he personally commanded the defense of Washington during the War of 1812. The British proceeded to burn his house down.

  8. well, you forget that georgee has the added stupid factor+inexperience. how’s that work out? course experience with inability is president grant.

  9. at least by the end of his life, Reagan believed he’d been in the military in WWII.
    Reaganwas an officer in the US Army during WWII, reaching the rank of captain. Fantasy took over when he later talked as if he had been present in the European theater, instead of making propaganda films stateside due to his nearsightedness. (Yeah, everyone with bad eyesight got a cushy stateside billet during the war.)

  10. Things seem to be getting out of hand here.
    As regards Lincoln and the Black Hawk War: yeah, he spent about 90 days in three different militia units, never saw any action, then walked and rowed his ass home. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that that doesn’t count as military experience. The militia back then wasn’t like the NG of today–you showed up with what you were wearing, carrying your own firearm, and then marched where you were told. Officer commissions were not awarded on anything close to merit; Lincoln himself was a captain in his first stint, and a private in his last.
    Reagan, to his credit, signed up for the Army Reserve in 1937. When called up for active duty in 1942, he went to make movies for the USAAF. If I recall the anecdote correctly, it was later in his life that he confused making a movie with actual service in the US Submarine fleet in the Pacific. The movie wasHellcats of the Navy, from the late 1950’s. Dementia is a hell of a thing. It robs you of your memories and sense of self. And I’m not going to say anything to mock any human who’s had to endure that shit. I’m not saying that anyone here has, either–I’m just drawing a line for myself.
    I picked Lincoln and Roosevelt because they held the office of President during the two gravest conflicts in the history of the United States, yet neither of them had significant military service. Yeah, Harry Truman was President at the end of World War II, and he had military experience, but the outcome of the war was, by then, a foregone conclusion. The point is that two militarily inexperienced men made (mostly) good decisions in times of intense struggle. So McCain’s argument is just stupid.

  11. It almost makes no difference what McCain says. Just the annoying whiny sing song sound of his voice is enough to get me to turn the channel. 75 year olds shouldn’t whine. I’m also having difficulty with the idea that being a POW somehow qualifies as military command experience. Don’t get me wrong, I respect McCain for having gone through that and I’m glad I didn’t have to. But being a POW 35 years ago doesn’t mean he’s any more ready to be commander in chief than someone with no experience. It’s amazing how Wesley Clark, a real general with real command experience, got crusified for pointing out the obvious.

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