5 thoughts on “Go Read This Now If You Want Newspapers To Live

  1. Ya know, I am between shifts and I didn’t finish, I am one sleepy mama, but that is some mushroom-cloud TNT layin’ words he speaks.

  2. I liked “At one point, Barbara started to name what she had identified as eight business models that work on the Web (some the same, some not, as the business models Rich Gordon identified for us on Saturday). Ken Davis cut her off, saying ‘You’re overwhelming us.’
    Problem identified.”
    Yeah. Did that read to you like, “What? We can’t do that! That’d be haaaaardd!!”

  3. the kids in j class at Texas Tech university who have my old boss as prof, however, ARE learning to use links and the Web to enrich content. In fact, if you don’t include at least 3 working links in every story you submit, it’s an automatic fail.

  4. You know I worked with the people who destroyed the economic model of the newspaper. It was never the content that was the problem it was that the people raking in the money didn’t want to do anything that would eat their profits.
    But Wall Street doesn’t’ reward them that way, “Create the product/service that will destroy you!’ They have VCs for that. No the “Way it Works” is that they create the products that keep them in the status quo, but with a twist! Same newspapers but now with Color! More LOCAL NEWS! But as the writer of this article points out something as basic as write copy with links? Not-gonna happen.
    You know what would be nice? If wall street looked at the talk radio industry and asked the question. “Why aren’t they making money? Maybe the product is flawed. Let’s change the product.” But they won’t, because it serves a larger master. The “No taxes on industry ever” master. And since they did figure out how to make that entertaining and profitable they are fine.”
    Look at the Washington Times. Loses 20-30 million a year. Why don’t they have to go away. “Your business model SUCKS!” Sure it does, but they aren’t in this to make money, they are in this for ideology and they make money in other ways.
    Too bad we can’t require the Moonies to make money from the Washington Times. We can’t because they aren’t public and aren’t tasked to make money.

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