What Is Really Important Is That You Keep Me Entertained!

The Dumbest Reporter Alive demands attention:

I don’t have a revote “theory.”I’m
just wondering how long this is going to sit in the court system.
Coleman looks desperate, why not just hold another election and beat
him handily?

Emphasis mine. What Shailagh Murray really wants is a show, people!

How long is it going to sit in the court system? As long as it takes, you kitchen appliance, that’s how the law works. You just see everybody else in the WaPo newsroom listening to her on the radio or show or reading the chat or whatever and just hanging their heads, thinking, “There she goes again justcompletely talking out of her ass. Why doesn’t the editor ever pick him for these things? Or her over there, she’s at least awake today. Why this twit every time?”

It’s clear from the preceding paragraphs of Doug’s post that she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about, no concept of the law involved here, and no expertise in the matter. But she’s out there, on behalf of the Washington Post, taking questions about it, and offering her opinion on what ought to happen even though there’s absolutely no legal basis for it.

And why? Because the story’s all boring and stuff now, guys! It’s all dull, with the lawyers and the legal and the courts and the motions and the depositions! BORING. That stuff’s hard to cover, you have to, like, read, and sit for HOURS in the most uncomfortable chairs or even (the indignity!) on the floor in the hallway, waiting for some judge to come in and rule on something. Can’t we go back to campaigning so I can be outside at least? Can’t we have some signs and slogans and banners and balloons? Please?

How long is this injustice to continue before somebody comes along with a feather on a string and makes Shailagh happy again?


6 thoughts on “What Is Really Important Is That You Keep Me Entertained!

  1. Doesn’t ANYONE get fired for ANYTHING any more? People lose billions of dollars for their corporations and get multi-million dollar bonuses. People prove, live and on the Internet, that they’re completely clueless about issues they’re supposed to cover for a major metropolitan newspaper, and everyone just nods and ignores it. I can’t get away from the feeling that I’ve woken up in some sort of warped nightmare.

  2. RAM people aren’t fired for being stupid anymore. Why? Because being stupid or factually wrong is not just an opinion. On TV and Radio if your ratings are fine and the advertiser aren’t mad, you are fine. In the newspaper if your writing is grammatically correct and you quoted both sides accurately you are fine.
    The job isn’t about being right anymore, it’s about making compelling “product” or as we used to say in the Internet world “content” as in “Content is king” so you could get “eyballs” which would lead to revenue from ad sales. They don’t care how the eyeballs got there just as long as when they did they saw the ads and then they bought something.

  3. oops, I got my comment wrong! Don’t fire me!
    I wrote: “Because being stupid or factually wrong is not just an opinion.”
    I meant: “Because being stupid or factually wrong is just an opinion.”

  4. Of course, there is a vast difference between an opinion and an informed opinion!
    But back to the story, let me ask the dumb question: what is this prolonged fight doing to the right of the people of Minnesota to be represented.
    Here we have a fight over letting the people of DC being represented and another fight trying to deny Minesotta.

  5. Shailagh Murray, where was she in 2000 when we had a contested presidential election?

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