Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freepi – Double-layer iso suit edition

Good morning, everybody! Through the miracle of delayed posting, while you’re reading this, I’m currently kicking back in front of the tent at Turner Falls, Oklahoma, watching the river run and the clouds roll by:


But right now? Time to get down and dirty with the Freeperati. Everyone check your iso suits – fecal coliform can actually jump off their posts and leap straight for your eyes.

First off – some reaction to Olbermann’s reaction to Rich Lowry’s reaction:

Olbermann: “Rich Lowry Masturbating
During Debate”

MSNBC ^| 10/05/2008 | Noel Sheppard

Posted onMonday, October 06, 2008
2:40:24 PM

Just when you thought Keith
Olbermann couldn’t go any lower, he plunges to new depths that seem almost
unimaginable for someone pawning himself off as a journalist.
On Friday, the
“Countdown” host actually told his viewers that National Review editor Rich
Lowry’s published opinion of Sarah Palin’s performance during Thursday’s debate
“read like soft core porn.” MSNBC’s leading on-air personality disgustingly
concluded: “I don`t really care if you sat there last night during the debate
and masturbated. But was it really necessary to tell America about it?”

I’m sure this willnever open up a Pandora’s box of sexually confused projection at the Land Of The Freep and the Bone Of The Depraved…

To: Sneakyuser
if true, who could blame him? 😉
2 posted onMonday, October 06, 2008
2:41:50 PM
byPerdogg (Vice
President Sarah H Palin – Make it happen !!!!)
Ok – I think It’s time to put on a second iso suit just for safety’s sake here. This is gonna get weird(er).
Those with the courage – there’s more after the jump.
Let’s rip the lid off their id!

6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freepi – Double-layer iso suit edition

  1. Welcome to the Sooner state. I didn’t know anyone knew about Turner Falls except die-hard locals.
    In case you wondered there are two or three liberals here but they are very reclusive and rarely seen.

  2. Oh, I love Turner Falls, haven’t been there for a decade or so though. But man you’re gonna need some of that serenity and natural beauty after that hellish dive you took. Sheesh.
    And what the hell happened to my beloved Sooners on Saturday? Oh yea and TUCK FEXAS!
    And please someone tell me Rice is going to beat inhoffe, It’d make our loss Saturday almost ok.

  3. Texas already “tucked” the Sooners. Better luck next year.
    Elspeth, Texas gal and primarily an Aggie, but due to McConnaghey, doesn’t hate the Longhorns anymore.

  4. “Uh, per election laws, doesn’t McCain also get equal time?”
    Sorry, freeper, your precious Reagan did away with the equal time requirement. Hoist on your own Republican petard.

  5. Well, my 9-year-old tent developed a rip at the floor seam, so we left her there overlooking Honey Creek one last time. A local will take her home and try to patch her, and she might look ok, but will never again be able to take a southern Oklahoma rain. Anyhoo, as this has suddenly turned into a staycation, I’ll see you guys tonight in the crack van.

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