Gulfport Mayor Indicted for Katrina Fraud

From theSun Herald:

GULFPORT — Gulfport Mayor Brent
Warr and his wife, Laura, quietly cried in the corridor of the U.S.
District courthouse mere blocks from City Hall after they were each
indicted on 16 charges, including conspiracy, fraud and making false
statements to obtain a total of $222,798.10 in federal Katrina relief
and insurance funds.

The Warrs pleaded innocent to the charges in
U.S. District Court this morning. They flanked their attorney, Joe Sam
Owen of Gulfport, as they stood before U.S. Magistrate Judge John M.

Gulfport’s first couple potentially faces maximum
penalties of 210 years each in prison and fines of up to $4 million
each. The government also is seeking forfeiture of their Katrina and
insurance funds, or assets of equal value.


The indictment outlines relief the Warrs received for their beachfront
mansion from Sept. 15, 2005, through March 7, 2007. They are charged
with conspiring to falsely claim they lived in the beachfront home when
they hadn’t actually moved in before the Aug. 29, 2005, hurricane.

Warr is a Republican and it was Warr who stood alongside Cheney during this infamous Katrina moment:


6 thoughts on “Gulfport Mayor Indicted for Katrina Fraud

  1. Not to say that they don’t deserve punishment, but doesn’t 210 years seem a LITTLE harsh for people who didn’t actually kill anyone?

  2. There was a great article in an issue of The Oxford American about the doctor that said that to Cheney. It’s not on camera, but the authorities took the doc away, bound his hands with a plastic tie, and had him sit by like that until the vice-prez had left.
    I wish there was a link to that article.

  3. It just says “potentially”…do you REALLY think they’d get that much time? They aren’t poor black New Orleanians! They aren’t even Democrats!

  4. I’d love to know the backstory on this. Who turned them in, a cranky constituent, a City employee or one of their own?

  5. This is a total political witch hunt. Incompetent personnel at FEMA told them they could claim relief, and they didn’t get it in writing. It is outrageous that rapists and murderers walk free, and these nice people who did not do anything that one of us couldn’t do by mistake are in the crosshairs. And I AM A DEMOCRAT. But this is just completely wrong.

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