This is a front-page story at the Trib’s web site.

“I was absolutely mortified. … This was my home,” Braun said.

Just before 10 p.m. Feb. 13, she got a call from a mother asking about
a party that reportedly was under way in Braun’s home. But Braun and
her daughter, a New Trier High School sophomore, had moved into a
Northfield condominium in July and were preparing to sell the Winnetka
home, where they had lived for a decade. Braun’s daughter was with her
when she got the call.

Braun alerted police and headed for the home. A side door had been
opened. Empty beer cans littered counters, closets were emptied of
clothes and crude images were drawn on a bedroom wall, said Braun’s
lawyer Richard Broderick.

Six students from New Trier and one each from Loyola Academy inWilmette and Taft High School in Chicago were discovered inside, authorities said.

Those cited with underage drinking are Laird Patten of Winnetka; Anna
Soltysiak and Christopher Losey of Chicago; Spencer Carey and Kathryn
Brown of Wilmette; and Marie Conway and Eric Padgitt of Northfield. All
are 17, according to police records. A 16-year-old boy from Wilmette
also was ticketed.

Apparently teenagers boozing it up and vandalizing is now the most pressing issue of our time. If only they’d been having a rainbow party or “grinding” at a school dance, then we’d have a full-blown “firestorm of controversy” on our hands.


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  1. There you go again, Athenae, killing journalism. Please stop before all of the newspapers go bankrupt.

  2. You know, if that’s all the “local interest” they can find, they need a new managing editor.
    And a new news editor.
    And a new reporting staff.
    And a clue.

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